Tablezilla in French Couture finish and Dark Blue fabric. Note there are 2 pieces to the top: the second piece is propped up behind the table. Photo from PAX South 2016.
Tablezilla in Sagamore Hill and Forest Green fabric. 
Photo from Doug. Thanks Doug!

The Tablezilla Game Table



We’re calling this one Tablezilla because it’s probably as large a table as we can handle!

Tablezilla is 8 feet long and 4.83 feet (58″) wide, with an interior play area of 6.1 feet (74″) by 3 feet (36″), and 11 inch edges all around. Whew!

The table top is in two pieces which join together in the middle and use the edges around the play area for support, so nothing mars your table felt.

Here’s a review of a Tablezilla posted on our Facebook page.

Tablezilla is built to seat 8 comfortably, although a whopping 12 can sit at this table with 2 feet of edge to themselves! The Side Tables/Benches are a great and flexible way to accommodate those extra seating options!

Tablezilla Game Table: Add 8 Cup Holders for $200!

Tablezilla Game Table: Add 8 Cup Holders for $200!

New! Cup Holder Option!

This new design adds cup holders inset into the playing edge of the Dining Game Table, the Streamer, and Tablezilla. Each cup holder has a black aluminum insert for easy removal and cleaning (we suggest hand washing and drying). Each is three inches deep with a three and a quarter inch interior diameter. That means they can easily hold up to 24 ounce cans and bottles (and a few larger ones depending on their design).

We have 3-D renders of what the new tables will look like. The cup holders are spaced to provide the most play area between them while not being placed in the middle of the GM or host’s area (at the ends of the tables).

Same Sleek Design With the Table Top On!

One thing we wanted was for the tables with the cup holders to look exactly the same with the top on as those without cup holders. The top completely covers the cup holders, so with it on, your dining table still looks like your dining table. You don’t have to worry about external slide-outs making the table look odd or keeping track of separate attachable parts which may break down over time.

Clicking on the finish and fabric image below will take you to a larger version.


finishes-and-fabrics-large-webLet us know if you have any questions by emailing

Additional Information


Classic French Couture, Cherry, Elm, Sagamore Hill


Dark Blue, Forest Green, Purple, Tan, Black, Burgundy, Dark Brown

Eight Cup Holders

Add 8 Cup Holders, None


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