Table Sets

Did you know you can order matching chairs and side tables/benches to go with your Carolina Game Table? Also, if ordered in sets of two, you get a discount on the price!

This option allows you to mix and match how you want to handle the seating around your table. Just want six chairs for your Dining Game Table? Then order three sets of the two chairs.

Maybe you want side table/benches only for the two shorter ends of the table, then adding one set of two benches has you covered.

Perhaps instead of eight chairs for your Tablezilla, you prefer ten (sitting two people on the shorter sides). You can order five sets of two and get exactly what you want.

You could even decide to just add a set of two side table/benches to go with a Coffee Game Table. That way if it sits in front of a sofa, there’s a convenient way to pull up seats on the other side to play games on it.

And if you just want one chair or side table/bench, that’s an option too (just without the discount).

Standard Sets

Kitchen Game Table: Seats Four (2 sets of two chairs)

Dining Game Table: Seats Six (3 sets of two chairs)

Streamer Game Table: Seats Six (3 sets of two chairs)

Tablezilla Game Table: Seats Eight (4 sets of two chairs)

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