Game Tables in the Wild


We think our game tables speak for themselves, but here’s what other people have to say about them. People you may have heard of, like Ivan Van Norman from Geek & Sundry, Ben Dobyns from The Gamers Series,, The Rules Lawyer, and more. Here’s a collection of reviews of our Carolina Game Tables from out “in the wild!!!”



“While simple, the table is sturdy, well-joined and beautiful. we chose the cherry finish with dark blue felt, making for a rich, dark combination. The 3-inch deep play area accommodates most games well, and you can replace the solid top while the game is still deployed.”


The Rules Lawyer

Dining Game Table in Cherry finish and Dark Blue fabric. Photo by Matt. Thanks Matt!

“The table far exceeds our expectations. It’s gorgeous, with a shiny finish. It’s so heavy that I can barely lift a corner by myself, which, to be fair, isn’t saying much as I’m a skinny nerd, but the point remains. It’s extremely sturdy, and could easily withstand all the leaning and stress a high action board game could bring on it. The lid covers the entire table, and looks amazing in our kitchen. Almost too amazing. A table this nice deserves far better decor.”




Acquisitions, Incorporated: The Series

“I don’t always game on a mahogany table custom-crafted for a tabletop enthusiast’s unique needs by the folks who make Deadlands and Savage Worlds. But when I do, it’s a Carolina Game Table.”
—Mike Fehlauer, Vice President, Penny Arcade










The Gamers: The Series


“The only sad part about shooting “The Gamers” around a Carolina Game Table is that it makes us want to shut down the cameras, grab our dice, and just play.”
—Ben Dobyns, Executive Producer of The Gamers Series

Game the Game on Geek and Sundry’s Twitch Channel

“Our Streamer from Carolina Game Tables is a fan favorite. Not only does it look lovely on camera, but we enjoy the ability to mount cameras on its ends without having to mount any special equipment. We have two (Kitchen and the Streamer) in the studio for two different shows. It’s very much a centerpiece of our programming”.

—Ivan Van Norman (Twitch/YouTube Host – Geek & Sundry)