Convention Calendar




Jan. 12-14 PAX South San Antonio, TX

Feb. 23-25 ConNooga Chattanooga, TN

Mar. 9-11 MACE West Asheville, NC

Apr. 5-8 PAX East Boston, MA

Jun. 1-3 ConCarolinas Charlotte, NC

Jun. 13-17 Origins Columbus, OH

Aug. 2-5 Gen Con Indianapolis, IN

Aug. 30-Sept. 3 DragonCon Atlanta, GA (that’s the gaming registration website; here’s the official con page)

Nov. 9–11 MACE Charlotte, NC

Nov. 30-Dec. 2 PAX Unplugged Philadelphia, PA


Want Jodi and Clint Black at Your Convention?

We’d love to represent both Carolina Game Tables and Pinnacle Entertainment Group at your convention.

Pinnacle is best known as the creator of the award-winning Savage Worlds  and Deadlands tabletop roleplaying games: Jodi is COO and Managing Editor and Clint is Savage Worlds Brand Manager and the “rules guru” for all things Savage Worlds. Recent releases from Pinnacle Entertainment Group include Rifts® for Savage Worlds and the 20th Anniversary Edition of Deadlands Classic. Upcoming releases include Doomtown Reloaded Card GameFlash Gordon RPG, Deadlands: Lost Colony, and many, many, more we haven’t announced yet. When we are guests at your convention, we may organize a Savage Saturday Night event with prizes from Pinnacle. We will certainly participate in any charitable events.

We’re also happy to host panels! Some of our best attended are:

  • Spoiler Alert! The Latest News for Savage Worlds
  • Kickstarter 101
  • Diversity in Gaming
  • Getting Published in the RPG Industry
  • Getting Kids Into Gaming

If you would like to have us at your convention as guests, we request one hotel room with two queen (not double) beds and a 10 x 10 booth in a secure exhibit space. If your convention is farther than a day’s drive from Conover, NC, then we also request travel expenses (that may be airfare or gas money, depending). We prefer to take our teen daughters with us to conventions when school schedules allow.

Contact for any questions.


Jan. 27-29 PAX South San Antonio, TX

Feb. 24-26 ConNooga Chattanooga, TN

Mar. 10-12 PAX East Boston, MA

Mar. 24-26 MACE West Asheville, NC

May 12-14 ChupacabraCon Austin, TX

Jun. 2-4 ConCarolinas Charlotte, NC

Jun. 14-18 Origins Columbus, OH (we’ll be in the Studio 2 Publishing booth and you can play on a table at the Mayfair booth!)

Aug. 17-20 Gen Con Indianapolis, IN (we’ll be in the Studio 2 Publishing booth and you can play on a table at the Mayfair booth!)

Sept. 1-4 DragonCon Atlanta, GA (that’s the gaming registration website; here’s the official con page)

Nov. 10-12 MACE Charlotte, NC

Nov. 17-19 PAX Unplugged Philadelphia, PA


Jan. 29-31 PAX South San Antonio, TX

Feb. 11-14 GenghisCon Denver, CO

Mar. 18-20 MACE West Asheville, NC

Apr. 22-24 PAX East Boston, MA

May 13-16 ChupacabraCon Austin, TX

Jun. 3-5 ConCarolinas Charlotte, NC

Jun. 15-19 Origins Columbus, OH

Aug. 4-7 Gen Con Indianapolis, IN

Sept. 2-5 DragonCon Atlanta, GA

Nov. 11-13 MACE Charlotte, NC