Important Cleaning Information (#COVID-19)

We’ll make this short and sweet: cleaning of your Carolina Game Table if you already have one, so you can rest assured you’re using the best products to protect your investment and your family.

We’ve added a new page to the website with these cleaning instructions so they are easy to find, under the Construction tab.

Cleaning Your Carolina Game Table

We conferred with the factory, our fabric supplier, and referred to household cleaning for coronavirus-19 guidelines by the CDC to compile these suggestions.

  1. CLEAN the fabric in the play area of your Carolina Game Table with a lint roller to pick up dust and particulates. If necessary for big messes, a vacuum cleaner may be used with an upholstery attachment—be sure not to apply full suction to the fabric such that it “bubbles” up.
    Remove food stains by picking up solid debris. Always blot liquids, never rub (rubbing pushes the stain into the fabric). Clean with a household cleaner you’ve already tested on the underside of the dining top–if it doesn’t leave a ring or bleach mark it’s safe to use. We find most stains are removed using dishwashing soap suds. Rinse with distilled water. It may take a few rounds of suds and water to completely remove the stain.
  2. DISINFECT the fabric in the play area by lightly spraying Lysol Disinfectant Spray. A fine mist is all that is required to disinfect the area.
  3. CLEAN your table’s hard surfaces (edges and table top) with soap and water. A washcloth soaped up with hot water in the sink, wrung out, and then carried to the table is sufficient and reusable. A second clean washcloth should be used to dry the table. Paper towels can also be used. Do not touch the fabric of your game table if any bleach is in the soap.
  4. DISINFECT your table’s hard surfaces with a Lysol or Clorox disposable wipe. Neither of these products actually has any bleach in it, according to the ingredients on the container, but they are still approved by the CDC for disinfecting for COVID-19.
  5. We don’t recommend a diluted bleach solution for disinfection …but we know sometimes it’s the only thing you’ve got around. CDC recommends a solution of 5 tablespoons (1/3rd cup) bleach per gallon of water. Be especially careful of the seam on a dining top and around play edges so the bleach solution does not get on your fabric.

Stay safe, friends. These are scary times for us all. Please know we are praying for you, even as we gather our children close and hunker down for the interim. We’ve also heard of changes to our White Glove Delivery service (we’ll share more once we’ve sorted that out).

While completely for the best, being unable to attend conventions during this time severely limits our ability to get our tables in front of new eyes.

If you want to help us, please share our website and social media posts!

New Storage Benches! And Photo Contest Winners

We’re thrilled to announce storage benches—a new seating option for our game tables—and to announce the winner of our last Photo Contest around the theme of “Lighting.” The new #RealCustomerPhoto Contest theme is “Pets!”

The Carolina Game Table Storage Bench offers a hinged top with space for card decks, board games, books, dice, a comfy throw, or anything you want to keep handy for Game Night.

Single or Double Storage Benches

Our classically styled Storage Benches are sturdy and made from the same solid Indonesian mahogany construction as our Carolina Game Tables. Each of our Storage Benches is made with mortise/tenon joints and features bolts and stretchers for added strength and durability. Choose from the same four finish colors as our tables: Sagamore Hill, Cherry, French Couture, or Elm.

Every bench has a ratcheting locking mechanism to enable linking several benches together. CGT owner Jodi Black demonstrates how easy it is to attach—and unattach—the Storage Benches together in this short clip:

Single or Double Storage Bench

The Carolina Game Table Storage Bench is available in a $699 Single (19″ wide) or $999 Double (38″ wide) seating capacity. Benches are a generous 19″ deep in the seat.

We list a variety of ways you can place the new Storage Benches around your Carolina Game Table on the product page here:

We saw a lot of interest in the Storage Benches at PAX Unplugged and PAX South. Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback on pricing! We decided to offer a multiple item discount for these: any order of two or more Storage Benches receives a discount automatically applied!

Start Shopping Now >

Join us in Chicago! C2E2 Booth 653

We hope everyone following us in the Midwest can join us for C2E2 February 28–March 1! Learn more here at their website:

“Lighting” Photo Contest Winner: Lou!

“A custom built case for a 55 inch flatscreen fits nicely into Tablezilla’s play area and [we have] dimmable ceiling lights overhead.” Sounds like the best of both worlds: online and in person! Lou is the winner for the “Lighting” contest and received a $100 VISA gift card.

We appreciate all who sent photos showing how they light and use their Carolina Game Table. These #RealCustomerPhotos help us show how real gamers like them use our gorgeous tables in their homes! We can’t say thank you enough… but hope the chance to win a $100 Visa gift card helps.

Our New Contest Theme is “Pets!”

We want to see your adorable feline, canine, or other companion animal near your Carolina Game Table. Do they like to “help” roll the dice? Snore loudly under the table during gaming sessions? Sit on your head?

We love our dog London, who patiently models with our tables sometimes to add perspective. Email [email protected], Tweet, or tag us on Instagram or Facebook by March 31st and you could win a $100 VISA gift card!

Remember, submissions are used for marketing purposes, but we do not reveal geographic data, use last names, or tag customers in social media posts. If you have any questions about our #RealCustomerPhoto series please email [email protected]

2020 Con Schedule and Holiday Contest Winners

We ran a Holiday Photo Contest for our amazing customers and can’t wait to show off the winners! But first, our con schedule for 2020:

2020 Convention Schedule

Jan. 17-19 PAX South San Antonio, TX

Jan. 26-Feb. 2 Savage Cruise New Orleans, LA

Feb. 28-Mar. 1 C2E2 Chicago, IL

May 1-3 ChupacabraCon Austin, TX

Jun. 1-3 ConCarolinas Charlotte, NC

Jun. 17-21 Origins Columbus, OH

Jul. 30-Aug. 2 Gen Con Indianapolis, IN

Sept. 4-7 DragonCon Atlanta, GA (that’s the gaming registration website; here’s the official con page)

Nov. 13-15 MACE Charlotte, NC

Nov. 20-22 PAX Unplugged Philadelphia, PA

We hope you’ll join us at one or more of these fun shows! Want to suggest a convention? Email us at [email protected]

Holiday Photo Contest Winners

Jeff’s Banquet Game Table is the winner!

It was a hard decision. Here were some of the other top contenders:

We were pleasantly surprised by not just photos, but also stories and even a video uploaded to YouTube, so we decided we needed three winners! Jeff is our photo winner, Heath’s “unboxing video” of a Coffee Game Table is our video winner, and SuBai is our story winner. Check out Heath’s video here:

SuBai’s story is this:

“After debating if a game table was worth the price, we decided to jump on a Banquet from Carolina Game Tables and we are so glad we did.

“It is the focal point of our home and we use it for gaming (of course) and everyday living, for dinner, arts and crafts, and homework. Here is my husband Kent DMing our group in a D&D campaign that he made. As you can see, we were involved in some heavy combat, there was a goblin horde taking over the town.

“We especially love that in circumstances like this when we have a heavy combat session, we don’t have to put anything away, we can just put the top on and go on about our lives. We used to always use two folding tables to play and we’d have to put everything away right after because we have two young kids that would get into it. Thank goodness we don’t have to anymore, I can only imagine the hassle of having to put away each and every goblin only to have to reset up combat.

“Anyways this is our picture of us enjoying our table! You can’t tell cuz no one is smiling, In our defense, hundreds of goblins were closing in on us!”

January Photo Contest: Lighting

Each winner of the Holiday Photo Contest has been emailed a $100 VISA Gift Certificate. We had so much fun we’re doing it again! This month’s contest is “lighting:” we want to see how customers light up the room they use their table in. Projectors? Track or can lights? Chandeliers? Sconces?

Be sure to show off your Carolina Game Table in your photo, and submit them by Feb. 5th to [email protected] Submissions are used for marketing purposes, but we do not reveal geographic data, use last names, or tag customers in social media posts (unless requested).

Increasing Prices Reminder!

We hope all of you are experiencing a joyous holiday season, full of hope for the future and surrounded by family and friends. We’re looking forward to seeing many of our friends at PAX Unplugged! Finally, we wouldn’t want the message to be missed: most of our prices are increasing starting January 1st, 2020.

New Game Table Base Prices, Effective January 1, 2020:

Coffee Game Table: $999

Kitchen Game Table: $1399 (subtract $100 for the Kitchen Game Table at coffee height)

Dining Game Table: $1799

5×5 Game Table: $1799 (subtract $100 for the 5×5 Game Table at coffee height). This price is not increasing!

Banquet Game Table: $2199

Streamer Game Table: $2299

Tablezilla Game Table: $2399

We will not increase the prices on our cup holders, height options, chairs, or side tables/benches. We will need to increase prices on our replacement dining tops, however.

New Replacement Dining Top Prices, Effective January 1, 2020:

Coffee Game Table replacement top: $250

Kitchen Game Table replacement top: $275

Dining Game Table replacement top: $400

5×5 Game Table replacement top: $400

Banquet Game Table replacement top: $600

Streamer Game Table replacement top: $650

Tablezilla Game Table replacement top: $750

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Please help us tell anyone who is considering a game table purchase about the increases in our prices. We’ve resisted increasing our table prices over the past four years, but labor, transportation, and material prices continue to rise. And we’d feel badly if someone had the opportunity to order but didn’t know about the increasing prices.

PAX Unplugged 2020

If you’ll be in Philadelphia, PA, December 6–8, 2019, for PAX Unplugged stop by Booth 3207 to see a variety of our game tables, or stop by the TinkerTurf display in the Miniatures area to check out two more of our game tables!

Clint and Jodi Black will also be participating in Savage Saturday Night with Pinnacle Entertainment Group. We hope you’ll try a demo of Savage Worlds, the game system they helped to create, in the Demos area. You can purchase the game at Studio 2 Publishing, Booth 3107 (right across the aisle from Carolina Game Tables)! For a complete list of all the Savage Worlds, Doomtown, and Demo Table events for Pinnacle Entertainment Group, click here.

Visit Us in Hickory, NC!

Can’t make the convention? Stop by our showroom in Hickory, NC, to check out our tables on display! We’ll even walk you through the showroom in a video chat if you like. Email [email protected] for an appointment.

As Is Tables for Sale

Last minute shopping? We currently have two “As Is” Banquet Game Tables in stock for immediate sale. White Glove Delivery is available, or you can pick them up from our showroom in Hickory, NC. You can view photos (in folders) in this Dropbox link of Sample Table Pics.

$2199 Banquet Game Table in Cherry finish and Dark Blue fabric with cup holders (regular price $2199, there is no wear and tear on this showroom piece)

$2099 Banquet Game Table in Cherry finish and Purple fabric with cup holders (regular price $2199. There is some wear and tear, shown in photos linked above).

Happiest of holidays from the Black family to yours! We pray for peace in your lives and gaming on your tables. 🙂

Buy the 5×5 Game Table Now! and Important Company Announcements

The 5×5 Game Table is now available for public orders! Go here to place an order now:×5-game-table/

We know a few people could not pledge for the 5×5 Game Table because of Kickstarter’s “all or nothing” funding strategy. It certainly makes sense to wait a little longer and place an order when you can choose from our payment options!

Here are the payment options we offer:

Pay in full using PayPal Credit. Honestly? This is the best option for most people! Click on the PayPal Credit button to see what terms PayPal offers your family. Some people get 12 months with 0% financing! We get paid in full up front, and your table begins immediately.

Pay in full using our checkout system. If you have a coupon code to apply, you may want to choose this option. You may also pay directly on our site using a credit card this way. You are not required to have a PayPal account (PayPal does process your payment for us).

Deposit Now, with Two Payments: Pay half now, and half at four months. This also allows you to apply a coupon code and pay without a PayPal account. Don’t worry, your table begins immediately. The downside to this option is you may be invoiced for delivery close to the same time as the second payment.

Deposit Now, with Six Payments: Pay for your Game Table in six easy payments. A processing fee equal to 10% of total order price is added to the first two payments. The final payment is solely the shipping charge. You can make these payments using your credit card directly on our site, and do not have to log into PayPal.

Important Company Announcements

Our company strives for a high quality product to not only last for a very long time but look great. That’s what “Game Tables for Real Life” means to us: one table you can use as a beautiful sturdy dining room table AND for game night!

We’ve been in business now for over 4 years, and made changes to our designs before in keeping with that plan. Now we’re making a few more tweaks to our design with the goals of continued high quality and longevity of use. We’ll also be raising prices beginning in 2020 to match increases in materials and construction costs. But first, let’s talk about the design changes.

New Seams on Table Play Areas

On some table’s play areas (sometimes years later), tiny cracks appeared in the lacquer where the planks meet. On review, this was found to be due to the natural expanding and contracting of the wood used in construction. It occurred most often in homes with extreme humidity levels (or lack of it).

The new seams are at the head and foot of our rectangle table designs. Go to each product to see updated images of the new table seams for each design. While it may not impact most customers, these will help prevent cracking from happening in the future for those in more humid or dry conditions. Please note if you see cracking, it’s likely not a structural issue–it’s in the finish, not the wood! If you’re unsure, email us a pic at [email protected]

A quick word about the construction between those planks: a tongue-and-groove joint connects them, and the factory uses a high frequency clamping machine to further tighten the bond. The issue is not with the construction, but in how the lacquer doesn’t move when the wood does. These cracks weren’t undermining those tables’ stability, but they were unsightly. There’s nothing we can do about wood reacting to heat and humidity in our customer’s homes, so we needed to make a change in our design to keep the table looking great for longer.

To prevent this issue we are placing a 2mm seam where the planks meet to allow the joints to move slightly and “breathe.” See our sample Dining Game Table, above.

New Shinier Finish

New shinier finishes! From top to bottom; Elm, Sagamore Hill, French Couture, and Cherry.

Another way to keep the lacquer from cracking and chipping is to simply apply it a tad thicker. This results in a shinier look, but the color of the finish underneath is the same. Please understand no amount of lacquer will keep the table from chipping indefinitely; strikes against the table surface will chip the table lacquer. This protects the table’s wood from damage: the lacquer usually chips, but often not the wood underneath. If needed, the wood can be refinished because of this protection.

We will keep our Streamer Game Tables with a matte (not shiny) finish, even though it will mean they are more likely to chip. Reflective surfaces are hard to film with.

If you want a more matte finish, just request this option in your ordering notes, but you accept that the table will be more likely to chip and scratch.

More MDF in Our Dining Tops

New orders will have our dining tops with no mahogany wood edges. The MDF edges are stronger and bind better to the MDF used to sandwich the honeycomb interior. This will also help keep weight and costs down, and will further strengthen the dining top. You won’t see any change on the outside of the dining top.

Increasing Prices in 2020

Finally, we’ve resisted increasing our table prices over the past four years, but labor, transportation, and material prices continue to rise. As such, beginning on January 1, 2020 we will increase the base prices for most of our game table designs.

New game table base prices, effective January 1, 2020:

Coffee Game Table: $999

Costa Rica on a Kitchen Game Table at coffee height—and a pupper whose tail won’t sweep the pieces to the floor!

Kitchen Game Table: $1399 (subtract $100 for the Kitchen Game Table at coffee height)

Dining Game Table: $1799

5×5 Game Table: $1799 (subtract $100 for the 5×5 Game Table at coffee height). This price is not increasing!

Banquet Game Table: $2199

Streamer Game Table: $2299

Tablezilla Game Table: $2399

We will not increase the prices on our cup holders, height options, chairs, or side tables/benches. We will need to increase prices on our replacement dining tops, however.

New replacement dining top prices, effective January 1, 2020, are below:

Coffee Game Table replacement top: $250

Kitchen Game Table replacement top: $275

Dining Game Table replacement top: $400

5×5 Game Table replacement top: $400

Banquet Game Table replacement top: $600

Streamer Game Table replacement top: $650

Tablezilla Game Table replacement top: $750

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

FUNDED 5×5 Game Table Kickstarter Ends Monday! Oct. Open House Plans & Showroom Tables for Sale

UPDATE: Showroom Open House is Sat, Oct. 12th 10am–6pm! Visit our showroom and game with us, then check out downtown Hickory’s Oktoberfest only 1.5 miles away!


The 5×5 Game Table Kickstarter is FUNDED and ends Monday, Sept. 23rd at 10pm Eastern. Please check it out before it’s too late, especially if you are interested in the 5×5 Game Table (it’s a great deal), or our Dinner & Dice, a Gaming Cookbook (Volume 1).

As a stretch goal all backers at $10 Following or above also receive the recipes from Dinner & Dice, a Gaming Cookbook, Volume 2!

Kickstarter link:×5/the-5×5-game-table?ref=5mpuqo

While initially designed as a game play surface, customers tell us our game tables are also perfect for:
Assembling mosaics 
 Homework and organizing long term student projects
Lace making

Showroom Open House: Oct 12

We also announce today our autumn Showroom Open House date: Saturday, October 12th from 10am to 6pm. If you’ve ever been curious about seeing our designs in person (and a trip to Hickory, NC is possible for you), we hope you’ll join us! We’ll have the following tables set up for gaming, and most are for sale and available to take home that day.

SOLD! FOR SALE: $899 ($899 retail) “AS IS” Coffee Game Table at coffee height. Cherry and Purple. Includes legs for dining height, too!

$1099 Kitchen Game Table at coffee height

FOR SALE: $1099 (retail $1299) “AS IS” Kitchen Game Table at counter height. French Couture and Tan. Includes 3 folding counter height chairs.

FOR SALE: $1299 (retail $1399) “AS IS” Kitchen Game Table at bar height. French Couture and Burgundy.

FOR SALE: $2199 (retail $2199) “AS IS” Banquet Game Table at dining height with cup holders. Cherry and Blue. Barely scratched!

SOLD! FOR SALE: $1699 (retail $2399) “AS IS” Tablezilla Game Table at dining height with cup holders. Cherry and Burgundy. Needs refinishing around play area. Includes spotless dining top pieces.

$2199 Tablezilla Game Table at dining height. Sagamore Hill and Burgundy.

We also have a Streamer Game Table ($2149, dining height with cup holders) in Cherry and Gray, a Banquet Game Table ($2199, dining height with cup holders, Sagamore Hill and Gray), and another Banquet Game Table (Sale price TBD, retail $2199, dining height with cup holders, Cherry and Purple) we haven’t been able to unwrap yet, because our warehouse is full! It reportedly has a chipped play area. If you are interested in any of these last three tables, please let us know and we’ll try to make space to set it up.

“AS IS” terms: These tables are used and may have slight damage, usually in the form of scratches, scuff marks, or small spots. All are stable pieces with a lot of gaming and dining use left in them! All include dining tops.

More photos are available in this Dropbox link. Open the folders for each piece.

We prefer to sell these directly from our Hickory showroom, but we can arrange White Glove pickup and Delivery. Email us at [email protected] for a White Glove Delivery quote on a showroom table.

5×5 Game Table Kickstarter: A Great Deal!

Reward Levels

If you’re in the market for a Carolina Game Table for 8 people, the 5×5 Kickstarter is a fantastic deal! The table reward level is $1699, a savings from the website price later. If you’re looking for a dining gaming table and a Coffee Game Table, you can save even more by backing the 5×5 Game Table Kickstarter for $2449!

We know not all of our supporters are in the market for a game table so we also have other reward levels. We hope to create Dinner & Dice, a Gaming Cookbook Volume 2 (check out Volume 1 on DriveThruRPG here!) as a stretch goal for this Kickstarter, so at goal ALL backers $10 or higher get a digital copy of Volume 1. At $15 backers receive a softcover copy of Dinner & Dice Volume 1. At $25 backers receive a set of our Leather Coasters in a tin. Shipping is not included for the book or coasters, but we can ship worldwide. After goal we begin working on the stretch goal of Dinner & Dice, Volume 2!

Games on the 5×5 Game Table… all over our Kickstarter!

Every day of the Kickstarter we share images of the 5×5 Game Table prepared for play with some of your favorite board games, card games, and tabletop roleplaying games. Please share these on your social media feeds so we get the word out about the project. And hey, look how versatile this table is!! For more photos, check out the Kickstarter!

Apples to Apples published by Mattel. Back the 5×5 Game Table Kickstarter here!
Rifts® for Savage Worlds published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Rifts® created by Kevin Siembieda and Palladium Books, Inc. Used with permission. Back the 5×5 Game Table Kickstarter here!
Mysterium published by Libellud. Used with permission. Back the 5×5 Game Table Kickstarter here!

Dinner & Dice, a Gaming Cookbook… Volume 2?!

Our first collection of recipes and gaming anecdotes from members of the game industry has been such a hit, we can’t wait to do a Volume 2. Here’s who we have lined up to contribute so far. But remember, this is a stretch goal. We need your help to reach our goal so we can begin working on Dinner & Dice, Volume 2! Please share the Kickstarter link everywhere you meet cool people on the Internet.

BJ Hensley, Playground Adventures

Shared from Playground Adventures: BJ Hensley is the the founder of Playground Adventures and the Vice President of Lone Wolf Development, the makers of Hero Lab. She wholeheartedly believes that RPGs are capable of being an interactive classroom for problem solving, arithmetic, reading, writing, social skills lessons, and more. Her most recent projects include work for Gallant Knight Games, Green Ronin, Kobold Press, Metal Weave Games, Paizo, Rite Publishing, Room to Read, and Wizards of the Coast.

Kevin Siembieda, Palladium Books

Shared from Palladium Books: Kevin Siembieda wears many hats. In addition to being the founder, owner, president and publisher of Palladium Books, he is Palladium’s chief game designer, lead writer, art director, creative mentor and visionary.  Rifts® (1990) is Palladium’s most famous game world, with 95+ Rifts® supplemental books and more on the way.  He has always been driven by an overactive imagination and a need to create worlds and tell stories. Storytelling and publishing are in his blood. He also delights in giving talented young artists and writers a forum to hone their abilities and the chance to be published. 

Eloy Lasanta, Third Eye Games

Shared from Eloy Lasanta is a game designer, writer, publisher, and owner of Third Eye Games. With his innovative systems, DGS (Dynamic Gaming System) and Pip System, he has produced: Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., AMP: Year One, Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade, Part-Time Gods, Mermaid Adventures, Infestation: An RPG of Bugs and Heroes, Sins of the Father, and Storm Battalion.

Kurt Wiegel, Game Geeks

Shared from GameGeeksRPG YouTube: Since 2006, Game Master and Dr. Kurt Wiegel hosts a YouTube show named “Game Geeks” where he reviews and educates viewers on roleplaying games. There are more than 300 episodes available. Kurt has served as an ENnies Judge multiple times.

Who’s Next?

We have the most contacts with the tabletop roleplaying game industry, so these are just the people we’ve run into recently. 🙂 We know plenty of Twitch Streamers, creators of board games and card games, and others from the tabletop community you might have heard of…but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. We still need to hit our funding goal on Kickstarter before we can work on stretch goals—which is where you come in!

Please share the Kickstarter link! We only need 3 more table backers. Thank you for your support!×5/the-5×5-game-table?ref=7ilh5i

5×5 Kickstarter Launch!

Please help us get off to a grand start by sharing the project video and Kickstarter link!

Go to the Kickstarter Page

Here is the Kickstarter page for the 5×5 Game Table. Check it out and please share!

Kickstarter runs from August 27th at noon Eastern until September 23rd at 10pm Eastern.

Special Kickstarter backer pricing: $1699 for the table (cup holders are an Add-On)
The 5×5 Game Table set with GKR Heavy Hitters!

We appreciate your help in spreading the word today. Thank you! For any questions, email us at [email protected]

Kickstarter for 5×5 Game Table Launches Tuesday!

5×5 Game Table Kickstarter to Run Aug 27—Sept. 23

If you’ve been as excited about our newest game table design as we are, we hope you’ll mark next Tuesday at noon Eastern (August 27th) on your calendar, and join us for the kickoff on Kickstarter!

Features of the “5×5”

This newest design is called the “5×5” or “Five by Five,” because the overall dimensions are five feet square. When the dining top is in place, one seam at the 2.5 foot mark divides the table, like a normal table leaf. 

The 5×5 as a dining table is strong enough to stand up to everyday use for eating, homework, craft projects, and everything else a normal family uses the central household table for!


The 5×5 seats 8 easily. Like all our game table designs, a top is included in the price.

When you’re ready to play a game, simply remove the dining top pieces to reveal a 38″ x 38″ square play area. Cup holders are an Add On option, and may be purchased as a set of four (one at each corner of the table), or a set of eight as shown.

The 5×5 is perfect for roleplaying games like The Goon™ RPG from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. This uses the award-winning Savage Worlds game system and is based on Eric Powell’s award-winning comic!

Wide edges like our eleven inch (11″) sides on the 5×5 are a signature look for Carolina Game Tables! These provide plenty of space for:

  • RPG character sheets
  • Board game components
  • Laptops
  • Full size books and rulebooks
  • Game boxes
  • Snacks
  • Drinks and our inset cup holders

We’ve fallen in love with this new design, and the feedback from attendees at Gen Con who saw it was overwhelmingly positive. This may become our new bestseller!

Why Kickstarter?

Marketing impact, bulk ordering, and being able to offer a price reduction for the first round of orders.

We’ve launched five game table designs since the Dining Game Table Kickstarter in 2015, and we tested the Cabinet Game Table design using Kickstarter in 2017. We still have customers who tell us they first heard of us from those Kickstarters.

Each project has long-reaching marketing impact. We never dream of being the next million dollar Kickstarter (we know that comes with as much risk as reward). Simply having a project—funded or not—keeps our designs in the public eye and at the top of search engine results.

We can also gather a large number of table orders for the same design this way, and pass the savings along to our backers/customers by offering a price lower than we will be able to offer for single-orders later. The base price for the 5×5 Game Table will be $1799 once it is listed for sale on our website. It will be $1699 on Kickstarter, or $2449 for a 5×5 Game Table and a Coffee Game Table set!

5×5 Not Your Thing? Then Check These Out!

We won’t be closing the shop while the Kickstarter runs, so you can still order our existing designs at

Tablezilla $2199—$2599

Tablezilla! #RealCustomerPhoto by Lou. Sagamore Hill finish and Dark Blue fabric, Gold cup holders. Learn how to make the 55″ flat screen TV case here:

Banquet Game Table $1999—2399

Banquet Game Table #RealCustomerPhoto by Janice. Sagamore Hill finish and Purple fabric.

Streamer Game Table $1999—$2349

Streamer Game Table #RealCustomerPhoto by Fantasy Flight Games/Asmodee NA. Elm finish and Dark Blue fabric.

Coming Soon! 5×5 Game Table $1799 base price after Kickstarter ends. $1699 during Kickstarter.

Dining Game Table $1599—$1949

Dining Game Table #RealCustomerPhoto by George. Sagamore Hill finish and Emerald Green fabric.

Kitchen Game Table $1099—$1399

Kitchen Game Table #RealCustomerPhoto by Josh. Sagamore Hill finish and Black fabric.

Coffee Game Table $899—$999

$899 Coffee Game Table in Elm finish and Dark Blue fabric.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] Thanks!

New Designs and Fabric Color at Gen Con 2019!

New in August: coffee height Kitchen Game Table!
Introducing in August: Grey! This is the same high quality and durable velveteen we use on all our tables.

We’re all over Gen Con 2019—and if you’re staying at home, you can even see our Streamer all Gen Con long on their Twitch channel! We have a new fabric color starting in August (Grey) and a new coffee height option on the Kitchen Game Table. We also preview our next design—the “5×5″—and collect feedback from attendees. We’ll have a prototype of the “5×5” at Gen Con in our Exhibit Hall Booth 1953 (see details below).

Kitchen Game Table at coffee height $1099, includes table top.

Here’s a list of all the places our game tables will be and the events we’re attending.

Gen Con Exhibit Booth 1953

This was the Exhibit Hall booth last year. Look for our logo!

This is “home base” for us all weekend! Come see the new “5×5” prototype and our popular $899 Coffee Game Table. Jodi Black will stay near this booth.

Tabletop Showroom

When you’re walking from the Exhibit Hall to events in Lucas Oil Field Stadium, you can’t miss the Tabletop Showroom! Other game furniture manufacturers will be set up with us so you can examine a variety of styles and options in one place.

Our $1999 Banquet Game Table and the new $1099 Kitchen Game Table at coffee height will be on display here. Having the $1199 Kitchen Game Table available at coffee height is a new option for us! Clint Black will stay near this booth.

Lone Shark Games (Gen Con Exhibit Hall Booth 2833)

Our friends at Lone Shark host our counter height $1299 Kitchen Game Table in their booth! We will also use this table for The Stink. While that name sounds awful, it’s actually great. Read below.

Streamer on the Gen Con Twitch Channel

This is actually our Streamer Game Table on the Fantasy Flight Games Twitch channel. Watch them play here:

If you’re part of the #GenCant movement and staying home, you can watch lots of new games played and previewed on our $1999 Streamer Game Table here: .

Gen Con Event: The Stink! Wednesday 5-8pm Union Station Grand Hall

If you can be at Gen Con early and want to play some games and pick up some cool swag and prizes, plan to join us at The Stink! Tickets are free and guarantee swag. You can also just show up without a ticket, but please register so Gen Con gives them the space next year. Here’s the Gen Con event link.

Savage Worlds is a Fast! Furious! Fun! tabletop roleplaying game that suits any genre and most ages.

We’ll have the counter height Kitchen Game Table set up here and plan to run fast demo games of the new Savage Worlds core rules. Donations from Pinnacle and Carolina Game Tables will both be available at this event!

Clint and Jodi Black work closely with Pinnacle Entertainment Group (Jodi is COO of PEG and President of CGT; Clint is Core Rules Guru of PEG and VP for CGT). So Savage Worlds ADventure Edition core rules—or #SWADE as it’s called by fans—is something they’re very proud of.

What Do You Think of the “5×5?”

We’ll have the prototype of this newest design in our Exhibit Hall Booth at Gen Con (Booth 1953), and we’d love to meet you and hear what you think about it!

Come see the new “5 x 5” prototype design at Booth 1953 at Gen Con 2019!

The “5×5” is five feet square with a 38′ square play area; same as the Kitchen Game Table, but with 11 inch edges. This design allows for four or eight cup holders, and may be built at coffee, dining, counter, or bar height. The prototype is at dining height. The dining top is a two piece design.

We look forward to seeing your reaction to the “5×5” prototype and anticipate hearing lots of feedback. We will have a suggestion box to accept new design ideas, since there’s no way we can keep track of them all!

Thank you for helping us spread the word about our classically styled and generously proportioned game tables. We are a family business and appreciate your support. We’re going to have so much fun at Gen Con, and hope to see you there!