See Tablezilla at PAX South Jan. 29-31, 2016: Booth 13106

Clint and I are showing Carolina Game Tables at PAX South convention in San Antonio, TX, Jan. 29-31, 2016. We’re also happy to talk to anyone about Savage Worlds and Pinnacle, of course—but look for us in the Carolina Game Tables booth. We plan to have a Savage Worlds demo game on the Tablezilla game table, so if you haven’t had a chance to try the game, you can both see the table and play the demo!

We just learned we’ll be in Booth 13106 at PAX South. Mark your map and plan accordingly—we’d love to see you!

Tablezilla Prototype top off

Tablezilla shown in Sagamore Hill finish and Tan fabric.

Tablezilla Game Table

Tablezilla was the first design announced after the Kickstarter, and a couple of Kickstarter backers “traded up” for it. Our first customers, who bought the prototype Dining Game Table off the floor at Gen Con Indy 2015, have also placed an order for Tablezilla because they love the design so much! They use the Dining Game Table in their kitchen, and Tablezilla is planned for their game room.

Tablezilla is 8 feet long and 4.83 feet (58″) wide, with an interior play area of 6.1 feet (74″) by 3 feet, and 11 inch edges all around. The table top is in two pieces which join together in the middle and use the edges around the play area for support, so nothing mars your table felt (except you). Tablezilla is priced at $2199 and ships 16 weeks from the order date.

Tablezilla is built to seat 8 comfortably, although a whopping 12 can sit at this table with 2 feet of edge to themselves—the Side Tables/Benches are a great and flexible way to accommodate those extra seating options!

Photo Ops at PAX South

We can’t wait to take a lot more photos of Tablezilla at PAX South, and we hope you will take photos and share them online, too! Please tag Carolina Game Tables if you share images of the table or either of us (Clint and Jodi Black). We’re on Facebook, Google+, and  Twitter (@game_tables).

If you’re interested in placing an order for your own custom made Carolina Game Table look for Clint and Jodi at PAX South!






Board Game Photos: Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, and Forbidden Desert

Our first customers, Josh and Deb Demaree, continue to send us beautiful photos of board games played on their Dining Room Game Table. Thanks guys!

Six Months and Still Looking Good!

They brought their table home from Gen Con 2015—about 6 months ago. We planned for a table design that can withstand daily use and still look good, and their photos of board games prove it.

Josh and Deb have the Dining Game Table in their kitchen and use it every day with their toddler. Look at that photo of Forbidden Desert on the table top they use every day. The finish looks great!

This table has the Classic French Couture finish and Burgundy fabric lining the play area. More Burgundy fabric lines the underside of the table top to reduce scratching on the play area edges. Look at those photos of Settlers of Catan—not a scratch in sight, and plenty of room for a snack and a drink on the edge.

Josh and Deb love it so much they ordered a Tablezilla for their game room! I can’t think of a better recommendation than that.

Settlers of Catan Board Game, Published by Mayfair

Settlers of Catan Board Game, published by Mayfair

Settlers of Catan played on a Dining Game Table

Settlers of Catan is one of our favorite competitive board games and great for the whole family. Even my parents will play Catan!  You can buy Settlers of Catan from Mayfair Games.

Pandemic Board Game, Published by Z-Man Games

Pandemic Board Game, published by Z-Man Games

Pandemic played on a Dining Game Table

Pandemic seems to be a favorite for both the Demaree and Black families. This cooperative board game can be pretty deadly—unless you work well together the epidemic will kill you all! Buy it here from Z-Man Games.

Forbidden Desert Board Game, Published by Gamewright

Forbidden Desert Board Game, published by Gamewright

Forbidden Desert played on a Dining Game Table–on the table top! That finish still looks good!

Forbidden Desert has all the best elements of a steampunk airship, a race against the sands of the desert, and cooperative game strategy.  Buy it here from Gamewright.

Whether you play board games, tabletop RPGs, card games, or jigsaw puzzles, check out the variety of tables available from Carolina Game Tables today! They’re game tables…for real life.

New Coffee Game Table! Dinner and Dice Released!

151217 Kickstarter update


Bring your love for games to the living room, den, or even as a child-sized game table: Announcing the new Coffee Game Table from Carolina Game Tables! Gamers can sit on the floor to play, or use a Side Table/Bench for seating.

The table top play area is 32” x 48” and is 20” high. Clearance under the table is 17″. With the top removed, it has a 4” edge on all sides and an inset 24” x 40” play area. It’s available in all the same finish and fabric options as our other tables, but comes in at a price of just $899!

Dinner and Dice!

Dinner and Dice: a Gaming Cookbook is a collection of recipes and first person game anecdotes from game industry professionals. Originally produced as a stretch goal for the Carolina Game Tables Kickstarter, you will find appetizers, entrees, and desserts from the people who make the games you love!

Buy it here:

Each author includes a look at how they think about games and food with a first hand game anecdote.

You’ll learn what Jason Buhlman served for one memorable Halloween, and what Emily Care Boss prepared for “Matrimonicon.”

Hear about the famous ratatouille Marsha White ate and why Steve Kenson‘s character sheets are always spotted with cheese.

Monica Valentinelli wrote a poem in iambic pentameter, The Seven Levels of a Roleplaying Group, and Ivan Van Norman talks about traffic in L.A.

Get a peek inside the minds of the people who make games and a tasty, time-tested recipe to boot!

Plan the best Game Night foodstuffs with over 25 recipes from:

Tracy Barnett
Elizabeth Bauman
Kennon Bauman
Clint Black
Jodi Black
Jason L. Blair
Emily Care Boss
Kerry Breitenstein
Jason Bulmahn
Hans Cummings
Alex Flagg
Christopher Helton
Andy Hopp
Steve Kenson
Kevin Kulp
Tony Law
Nicole Lindroos
Prof. Christopher McGlothlin
Jason Morningstar
Rob Schwalb
Katie Tower
Monica Valentinelli
Ivan Van Norman
Marsha White
Scott Woodard

PLEASE NOTE: This product is compiled of recipes from American authors and nonmetric measuring is used throughout.



On Board Games Podcast: Clint and Jodi on Game Tables

Stephanie Straw and Isaac Shalev interviewed us (Clint and Jodi Black) in their podcast, On Board Games. Go here to listen.

Jodi, Clint, Trinity, and Bethany Black with a Dining Room Game Table at Gen Con Indy in 2015

Savage Worlds

We talk about our involvement with Pinnacle Entertainment Group making Savage Worlds games. Check out our “little game” at We’ve been with Pinnacle for the past 10 years. Clint is currently Savage Worlds Brand Manager and Jodi is COO and Managing Editor.

Making Furniture

We talk about how the Hickory, NC area is known for furniture manufacturing. Here’s a link to a history of furniture in NC:

From that article:

“By the 1980s, High Point [NC] had earned the nickname “The Furniture Capital of the World,” and employment peaked at around 90,000 people in 1990. High Point hosted its first regional furniture trade fair in 1909; these events gradually evolved into High Point Market, an internationally-renowned furniture trade fair.

“Geographically, the industry remains concentrated in certain areas, especially the Piedmont Triad. Catawba County (which includes Hickory) has the highest employment in the industry with more than 11,000 people working in furniture manufacturing.”

Why Carolina Game Tables?

On Board Games also talked a lot about why our game tables are…well…awesome!

Our tables are well made for fine dining so you can feel good about using it in your dining room or kitchen every day. A table top comes standard with all our tables (because you want to use it for more than just Game Night). We have wide edges for easier play options. The velveteen fabric lining the play area is easy to clean and stain resistant.

We offer chairs to make your table a complete matching Dining or Kitchen Game Table Set. We also offer an Ultimate Set version, adding a piece for each seat which doubles as a side table or bench seating (the Side Table/Bench product). The Side Table/Bench lets you seat extra people at the table in a pinch, and for game play keeps laptops, books, or beverages away from the table top.

White Glove Delivery is our standard delivery option and starts at $350. The total delivery fee includes shipping, setup, and cleanup. It’s like fairies bring your table to your home, put it together, place it where you want it, and remove all the cardboard and other packaging!

Best of all, you get an affordable high quality game table backed by years of manufacturing experience.

Check us out and compare! You’ll be back. 🙂

Thanksgiving (Black Friday) Sale!

Here is a Dining Game Table in Classic French Couture finish and Burgundy velveteen fabric. They are playing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game--and look at all the space, not just in the play area, but on the edges! Room for dinner and dice. Photo courtesy of Josh Demaree. Thanks Josh!

Here is a Dining Game Table in Classic French Couture finish and Burgundy velveteen fabric. They are playing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game–and look at all the space, not just in the play area, but on the edges! Room for dinner and dice. Photo courtesy of Josh Demaree. Thanks Josh!

Hosting a Black Friday sale is a time-honored American tradition, and since Black is in our name (owners Jodi and Clint Black) we must offer a deal!

We don’t want to hassle you on Friday, though, so we’re launching our sale at noon on the Wednesday before. That way you can plan to relax at home all weekend with family, or jump on other holiday sales.

How does $100 off a game table sound? This is mostly the same deal as our Early Bird Kickstarter backers (but without the stretch goals). Now that’s a sale!


We are offering this coupon to the first FIVE users who complete a game table order at Individual Chairs, Side Tables/Benches, and Coasters are excluded from this sale.

Once five orders with this coupon have been placed, the coupon will no longer be valid. Orders ship in 16 weeks, meaning your family’s Christmas present should be delivered by the first of April, depending on the delivery location. Remember, we can only deliver to locations in the contiguous United States.

Coupon Code: $100off

Our Game Tables

We currently have three game table designs with your choice of 4 finishes and 6 velveteen fabric colors for the play area. Each game table comes standard with a table top. Orders may be placed for a Set with matching Chairs, or an Ultimate Set with matching Side Tables/Benches. Prices start at $1199 for a Kitchen Game Table, meaning you get it on sale for only $1099!


Delivery charges start at $350 and include White Glove Delivery. A deposit on shipping charges is added to your total at checkout—we’ll contact you for the rest of the delivery charge when the table ships. For most locations in the East, no further delivery charge is necessary.

Check out today and see which game table or game table set fits your family and gaming lifestyle best, and to see a total shipping estimate. Then plan to jump on the sale at noon on Wednesday!

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Carolina Game Table Photos

Our first customer, Josh Demaree, bought a Carolina Game Tables Dining Room Game Table off the floor at Gen Con 2015. He sends us photos of the table in action all the time—He’s super cool like that. I think his photos do a great job of showing how easy it is to use our table for a variety of games.

The Dining Room Game Table has an inset 32″ x 50″ play area is 3 inches deep and covered in velveteen cloth.The overall table is 4 feet wide and 6 feet long, and designed to seat 6 people comfortably. This gives you two play areas to choose from. The inset play area is great for games where you want to reach everything easily. The table top is perfect for everyday dining and can be used like any table for gaming.

Here are my favorites so far:

Zombicide in the Dining Room Game Table

Zombicide on a Dining Room Table by Carolina Game Tables

Zombicide by Guillotine Games on the Dining Room Table (shown in Classic French Couture finish and Burgundy fabric). Click the photo for a higher resolution image.



The Captain is Dead on the Dining Room Game Table Top

The Captain is Dead by The Game Crafter on the Carolina Game Table Dining Room Table top (all our tables come with a top—how else do you use it as a dining room table?). Shown in Classic French Couture finish. Click the photo for a higher resolution image.

The Captain is Dead on a Dining Game Table by Carolina Game Tables





Please share this post so others know this gorgeous table is available for only $1599 at! We have handy buttons to the right. >>

We have a 5 month turnaround time for delivery, and you can choose between 4 finish options and 7 fabric options. Got questions? Email Jodi at [email protected]