Gen Con 2018 Special Offer and Other Gen Con and #GenCant Details

We’re heading to Gen Con 2018 next week and couldn’t be more thrilled!

Three years ago, we filmed our Kickstarter video on the floor of the Gen Con Exhibit Hall. Now we can announce Carolina Game Tables has partnered with Gen Con LLC to provide a Streamer Game Table for their streaming services this year AND we’re creating a Gen Con logo-topped Dining Game Table for their Seattle, WA, headquarters!

Gen Con 2018 Special Offer?

Noticed that, did you? 🙂 We’re offering a Gen Con 2018 Special to celebrate. From now through August 15th, 2018, any table order is eligible for a discount.

You can get $100 off any table or free cup holders on one of the larger tables (a $150-$200 value)! Just use the coupon codes below when placing your order. Only one code per order, so if you want more than one table just place separate orders at the same time. Remember, we invoice shipping later so we’ll combine your orders when they finish.

For $100 off a table without cup holders: GC2018_100

For free cup holders on a Dining (or Streamer) Game Table: GC2018_DiningCups

For free cup holders on a Tablezilla Game Table: GC2018_ZillaCups

These codes also work if ordering a table—like our Kitchen Game Table—at the new counter or bar heights and if ordering a Coffee Game Table at the new dining height.

Gen Con 2018 Attendees: Find Us in Exhibit Hall Booth 2757

You’ll see more of Carolina Game Tables at the show, but you won’t find us in the Studio 2 Publishing booth where we’ve been for the past three years.

We have our own Booth #2757 in the Exhibit Hall, in Entrepreneurs’ Avenue. We’ll have a Dining Game Table, Coffee Game Table at coffee table height, and a Coffee Game Table at dining height there.

Our friends at LoneShark Games in Booth #2735 will run demos on a Dining Game Table and D-Verse NEXUS in Booth #2959 will run demos on a Kitchen Game Table at bar height.

GenCon 2018 Map


You can also see us online as Gen Con will stream live from a Streamer Game Table (several people online are using the hashtag #GenCant as a way to organize local events during Gen Con for those unable to attend). You’ll see demos of games from publishers all over Gen Con 2018!

Watch their Twitch channel for the live streams!

Soon at Gen Con HQ…

We’re proud to say one of our Dining Game Tables will soon grace the offices of Gen Con HQ. Here’s a preview photo of the table…


Want your family crest, company logo, or other image on the top of your Carolina Game Table? Contact Clint ([email protected]) to get a quote.

We expect this to be the best Gen Con ever and hope y’all will stop by the booth to say “Hi!”

Holiday Delivery Deadline: Order by July 15th!

If you want your new game table in time for holiday delivery this year, you need to order right away!

Ideally, orders need to be in by today for holiday delivery. But we can still offer shipping alternatives if you place your order before Sunday, July 15th. After that we will try to have your table ready in time for the holidays, but we cannot make any promises.

Even though we have a four month production time at our factory, delivery is the factor which delays orders around the holidays. There are simply a LOT of deliveries, and everyone wants to make it the most memorable holiday ever!

Here are some shortcuts for you:




Starting at $2199 Tablezilla

Starting at $2199 Tablezilla (fancy graphic coming soon!)



Office “Closed” (Website Open!) for Fourth of July Holiday

Next week everything in the furniture industry around here shuts down, and Carolina Game Tables is no exception. We’ll be checking in remotely, and the website will still accept and process orders.

As always, the best way to reach us is our [email protected] address. That one email address goes to everyone (Clint, Jodi, and Sarah) and someone should reply shortly.

We hope your family enjoys a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday!

Origins 2018 and Game Table “Baby Pics!”

The Origins Game Fair delivered yet again! We got to play games, paint minis, see old friends, meet new friends, and debut our new Counter and Bar height tables. Still, one of the highlights of any convention for us is the chance to see “baby pictures.”

What do we mean by “baby pictures?” It’s when folks come by the booth with photos of their Carolina Game Table in the home and in use. We love to hear the stories of the games played and the fun had using the tables. We got a couple of pictures ourselves of these folks. Here are JW Merrow and Marty & Carri Miller showing off their “baby pics.”








Of course, we love seeing “baby pics” like this one, too. This beautiful baby was born recently to a Carolina Game Table family!

Congratulations! It's a new gamer in the family!

Congratulations! It’s a new gamer in the family!

Thanks, all of you! We hope you enjoy your Fourth of July holiday and are looking forward to playing games this winter holiday season too. 🙂

Do you have “baby pics” to share? Please email them to [email protected]!


Origins 2018, #SlayALZ, and Winter Holiday Planning is NOW!

We have so much to tell you! Find us at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio this weekend. #SlayALZ with Saving Throw’s 24 hour marathon on Twitch this Friday. And think NOW about ordering if you want your game table in time for Thanksgiving and other winter holidays!

Origins 2018 Booth Directions

Origins 2018: Find Us in Booth 1151!

We’re showing off our new table heights this year at Origins Game Fair, so if you’ll be in Columbus, Ohio, this weekend stop by Booth 1151 in Hall B (the Exhibit Hall) to see!

We’re bringing a Dining Game Table at dining height, a Coffee Game Table at coffee height, and two Kitchen Game Tables: one at counter height and one at bar height. 

You can also see our Streamer Game Table in the Game Trade Magazine Booth (#145), where they will be interviewing game publishers and showing off the latest releases all weekend long! If you are not coming to Origins, you can watch their show live on the Game Trade Media website, Twitch channel, or Facebook page.

Our largest and tallest table (Tablezilla with cup holders at bar height = $2599) is not attending. You know, for quality construction of an eight foot long, three and a half foot tall mahogany table, keeping the price under $3k isn’t bad. And our prices always include a table top for everyday dining. Read more about our construction here.

#SlayALZ with Saving Throw on The Longest Day and let’s beat Alzheimer’s!

SlayALZOur friends at Saving Throw have a Streamer Game Table and posted a mock review of it recently. Hilarious! Check it out in this link.

They host a 24 hour streaming marathon on their Twitch channel beginning at 8pm Pacific this Friday, June 15 2018, with the goal of raising $10,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association. We hope you will consider being generous for this worthy cause.  Both Clint and Jodi have family members affected by this heartbreaking disease.

And even if you aren’t in a position to donate now, tune into Saving Throw on Friday for some amazing entertainment! See the graphic for their schedule. All of it will be played on that gorgeous Streamer Game Table!

Winter Holiday Plans Begin NOW!

If you’ve been thinking about hosting your holiday party with a new game table in the mix, better order soon!

Remember, our 4 month production time does not include shipping time. To get a table by mid-December, it should be ordered by the end of June. That’s two and a half weeks to plan, prepare, and place a deposit. After that, there’s still a short window but only for those who can pick up their table from Hickory, NC. If you need White Glove Delivery and a game table for the holidays, the end of June is the last chance. Don’t miss it!

Rising Sun by CMON on Simon's Tablezilla! Shown in Sagamore Hill and Burgundy. Also showing our chairs!

Rising Sun by CMON on Simon’s Tablezilla! Shown in Sagamore Hill and Burgundy. Also showing our chairs!


Game with Us for International Tabletop Day! CGT Open House! Sample Sale!

How do you celebrate International Tabletop Day? By gaming on game tables, if you can! Our annual Open House in our showroom in Hickory, NC coincides with the worldwide festivities, and we’d love for YOU to join us!  Plus we just received our next set of sample tables, so we have a Sample Sale!

International Tabletop Day 2018

We know many of you are in places far away and can’t make it for the fun here. But if you can, please join us! Click on our Facebook Event and say you’re Going, so we can plan the snackies. 🙂

Mark your calendar to join us Saturday April 28 10 am – 6 pm. (If you can’t, check out the International Tabletop Day website to find an event near you).

Carolina Game Tables

940 Tate Blvd. SE Suite 108 (the loading dock will be locked, come around to the front)

Hickory, NC 28602


Sample Sale!

We have the following show samples available for sale. We’ve marked them down for being a little nicked and scratched from use, but they are still in excellent shape. All are sold to the first buyer through the links. Once sold, the link will no longer work. All pieces must be picked up on Saturday, April 28 before 6pm. There are no delivery options for these pieces.

Only the Cabinet is for sale!

Only the Cabinet is for sale!


   $2000 Game Cabinet Prototype. We’ve removed the fixtures which made this a “game table,” leaving a beautiful mahogany cabinet.







    $1649 Streamer Sample Sale! This Streamer Game Table has the older construction table top.






$900 Kitchen Game Table Sample Sale! This Kitchen Game Table has traveled to more than *15* conventions, and it’s ready to retire.

Height Options: Coffee, Dining, Counter, and Bar!

We’re ecstatic to announce all our table designs now have multiple height options!

We’ve had people asking for different heights from the very beginning, so this is a fairly big deal for us. We also know it seems like an easy thing to implement from the outside, but for our little company it took some doing (see Feedback, below). That’s boring, though–let’s get to the new options!

TL;DR? You can upgrade a Kitchen, Dining, Streamer, or Tablezilla from dining height to counter height for $100, or from dining to bar height for an additional $200. On the Coffee Game Table design, upgrade from coffee to dining height for $100.

New Table Height Options for our Kitchen, Dining, Streamer, and Tablezilla Game Tables!

New Table Height Options for our Kitchen, Dining, Streamer, and Tablezilla Game Tables!

Table heights graphic coffee

Coffee Game Table Options

Height Options: coffee (20″ tall for $899) and dining (30″ tall for $999)

Inset play area is 40″ x 24″; Edges are 4″ wide; Table top is 48″ x 32″ and a one piece top is included in the price.

$899 Coffee Game Table in Elm finish and Dark Blue fabric.

Coffee Game Table in Elm finish and Dark Blue fabric. Photo by CGT.

Kitchen Game Table Options

Height Options: dining (30″ tall for $1199), counter (36″ tall for $1299), and bar (42″ tall for $1399)

Inset play area is 38″ x 38″; Edges are 5″ wide; Table top is 48″ x 48″ and a one piece top is included in the price.

Kitchen Game Table in French Couture and Burgundy. Photo by CGT.

Kitchen Game Table in French Couture and Burgundy. Photo by CGT.

Dining Game Table Options

Height Options: dining (30″ tall for $1599), counter (36″ tall for $1699), and bar (42″ tall for $1799)

Add 6 Cupholders for $150 ($1749 dining/$1849 counter/$1949 Bar)

Inset play area is 32″ x 50″; Edges are 8″ on long sides and 11″ at head/foot of table; Table top is 4′ x 6′ (48″ x 72″) and is included in the price–your choice of a one or a two piece top.

Shown in Sagamore Hill finish and Dark blue fabric. Thanks Ben!

Dining Game Table shown in Sagamore Hill finish and Dark Blue fabric. Thanks Ben!

Streamer Game Table Options

Height Options: dining (30″ tall for $1999), counter (36″ tall for $2099), and bar (42″ tall for $2199)

Add 6 Cupholders for $150 ($2149 dining/$2249 counter/$2349 bar)

Inset play area is about 40″ x 36″/69″; Edges are 11″ on all playing sides, 4″ on camera (long) side; Footprint for table is 4.5′ x 8′; Table top included in two pieces.

$1999 Streamer Game Table in Cherry and Dark Blue. As shown on Acquisitions, Inc. The C Team!

Streamer Game Table in Cherry and Dark Blue. As shown on Acquisitions, Inc. The C Team!

Tablezilla Game Table Options

Height Options: dining (30″ tall for $2199), counter (36″ tall for $2299), and bar (42″ tall for $2399)

Add 8 Cupholders for $200 ($2399 dining/$2499 counter/$2599 bar)

Inset play area is 36″ x 74″; Edges are 11″; Table top is 58″ x 96″ and is included in the price as a two piece top.

Tablezilla is already our biggest and heaviest table, clocking in over 350 pounds! If you’re getting the bar height option be prepared to have at least 6 people, if not more, to help turn it over when setting it up or moving it. Cupholders make for easier handles, we’ve learned. 🙂

Tablezilla in Sagamore Hill and Purple. Photo by David.

Tablezilla in Sagamore Hill and Purple. Photo by David.

Feedback, or, How We Got Here

Carolina Game Tables uses a modern furniture manufacturing facility we share with other small companies like ourselves and the employees work from templates. Because of this process we’re able to deliver sturdy, quality built game tables which will function beautifully for decades, while also keeping costs low.

So if we’re using a production line, why was it so hard to make longer legs? We had to create a new manufacturing template for each design’s leg height. Some things stay the same no matter the leg height, but others change you might not think of, like the steel corner brackets fastening the legs to the table base. It’s drilled in different configurations for each height for maximum stability. This means the legs on a dining height Tablezilla can’t be replaced with counter height legs–the bolts won’t fit the bracket.

We really can’t help most people who have custom build requests, but we like to hear what they’re looking for! That helps us decide what to focus on next, and it takes months to get to the point of announcing something like this. So email [email protected] if you have any ideas or suggestions!

New Fabric Color: Emerald Green! and Carolina Game Tables is Hiring!

We recently changed the color of green fabric we offer from Forest to Emerald. Here it is with each combination of finish color!

Sagamore Hill and Emerald Green

Sagamore Hill and Emerald Green

French Couture and Emerald Green

French Couture and Emerald Green

Elm and Emerald Green

Elm and Emerald Green

Cherry and Emerald Green

Cherry and Emerald Green







Remember, there is no upcharge for this color or any of the fabrics we offer. We don’t have any tables to show currently in that color, but it will only be a matter of time! Until then, here are our current designs (in other fabric colors):

Tablezilla in Sagamore Hill and Purple. Photo by David.

$2399 Tablezilla Game Table with Cup Holders in Sagamore Hill and Purple. Photo by David.







$1999 Streamer Game Table in Cherry and Dark Blue. As shown on Acquisitions, Inc. The C Team!

$1999 Streamer Game Table in Cherry and Dark Blue. As shown on Acquisitions, Inc. The C Team!











Dining Game Table in Cherry and Dark Blue. Photo by The Rules Lawyer (review linked below!)

Dining Game Table in Cherry and Dark Blue. Photo by The Rules Lawyer (Click here for the review!)









Kitchen Game Table in Sagamore Hill and Burgundy. Photo by Adam.

$1199 Kitchen Game Table in Sagamore Hill and Burgundy. Photo by Adam.









$899 Coffee Game Table in Elm finish and Dark Blue fabric.

$899 Coffee Game Table in Elm  and Dark Blue. Photo from our Open House 2017!











What’s This About You’re Hiring…?

Yes, we are! Sorry, local only.

Carolina Game Tables needs a part time Customer Service Representative to help here in the office. Click here for the full job description, and please share if you know someone in the Hickory, NC, area who may be interested!

If you’d like to help us out at any of the conventions we attend, we’re usually looking for help there too! We usually comp our volunteers the badge at least. 🙂 Email us if you’re interested and we’ll let you know if we have all the people we need for that show or not. Click here for our Convention Schedule. Our next show is in Chattanooga, TN, ConNooga, Feb. 23–25!


Streamer Sale!

Thinking about buying a Streamer Game Table and beginning or expanding your video streaming? We’re offering a $200 discount to help you take the leap!


Tax Changes

We’ve consulted with our accountant team about the new tax changes recently signed into law. The new tax code means deductions for businesses will be more beneficial in 2017 than 2018. This is true whether you’re working as a sole proprietorship, LLC, or Corp.

This is not intended as tax advice specific to your situation. Please consult your accountant. 

To Sum Up

In other words, you might want to buy your equipment (camera and table) before the end of the year to make those deductions count—But check with your accountant like we did!

We’ll make it a little easier. Use the coupon “GetStreaming” at checkout for a $200 discount on any purchase of a Streamer Game Table. This offer ends January 2, 2018, at midnight Pacific Standard Time.

You will have the same options for paying a deposit or in installments as we usually offer. But remember, for the tax advantages you may want to pay in full for the price of the table. Sorry, we do not allow for pre-payment of delivery. We’ll invoice you for White Glove or freight delivery when the order is complete. Orders placed this week should finish in mid-May. 

Again, please check with your accountant before springing into action on our advice. But if you’ve been on the fence…this might be best time to get streaming!


Helping Families Have the Best Gaming Christmas EVER

The holiday rush is upon us, and we have lots of tables shipping out to homes across the country. In the past week we’ve seen deliveries to MD, TX, IL, OH—and this week to CA, MN, CO, and FL. If you haven’t heard from us, we’re not mourning our Kickstarter. We’re helping families have the best gaming Christmas EVER and making plans for the new year!

Cabinet Kickstarter…Success?

The Cabinet Game Table Kickstarter didn’t fund, but to us that’s as much a success as if it did. The point was to determine if it was a viable design before investing more money in it. We not only saved money but got a better idea of what designs are most appealing. We’ll be able to channel that information and capital into our next design (already in the works; we hope to talk more about this after Christmas).

Save the Date (April 28) for International Tabletop Day!

We moved into our new offices this past year and it’s been great having a single location to work, show samples, and handle customer pick-ups (you knew picking up your table for free is an option, right?). We had an Open House last April and plan to celebrate our Open House anniversary each year in conjunction with International Tabletop Day on the last Saturday of April (save the date: April 28th!).

We love to have folks join us, and it’s a great idea to combine gaming with us and picking up a table. Here’s the kicker though, if you want to pick up your table on April 28th, we need the order in before the factory closes for Christmas on December 22nd.

That’s just two weeks away, so if you’ve been on the fence (or want to squeeze in one last ultra-present), it’s time to do it!

Here are some quick links for you, showing the 50% deposit required to place an order.

Your 50% balance is invoiced in March 2018, and if you cannot pick up your order—that’s free—we’ll invoice you for shipping once the table is complete (target April).

$450 deposit on a Coffee Game Table (the Coffee will probably fit in your backseat!)

$600 deposit on a Kitchen Game Table 

$800 deposit on a Dining Game Table 

$1100 deposit on a Tablezilla Game Table (you’ll need a trailer to take Zilla home…just fair warning!)

holiday_tables-coffee  holiday_tables-kitchen  holiday_tables-dining  holiday_tables-tablezilla

Convention Dates for 2018

The conventions this past year have been phenomenal with the added bonus of attending the very first PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia (a PAX dedicated to tabletop gaming). It was a great convention for us in many ways, and we can’t wait see what they have in store for next year.

2018 will also bring another first for us as Carolina Game Tables has its own space at Gen Con! Finally! As those who have attended the past two years know, we’ve shown there but under the banner of our friends at Studio 2 Publishing. This will mark the first year (of many we hope) where we will be listed in the program under our own name and space number. It’s a very competitive process to get into the Exhibit Hall at Gen Con, and we’re over the moon about finally getting our own spot on the map.

Shortly after Christmas, we kick off 2018 with PAX South in San Antonio, January 12-14. Check out the rest of our convention schedule here. We can’t wait to see you!

The Cabinet at PAX Unplugged!

Hi all!

PAX Unplugged officially begins tomorrow (unofficially, folks are playing games in the lobby of the hotel right now), and we are here and set up for the show!

We have one of the prototype Cabinet Game Tables here. It’s the same as the cabinet from our current Kickstarter, just without the ability to convert to a table. If you want to see firsthand the quality of our factory’s work, check it out!

You can find us at Booth 349 with the Cabinet, a Coffee Game Table, a Kitchen Game Table, and a Dining Game Table. We’ll also be talking about our latest project for Pinnacle Entertainment Group (the Flash Gordon RPG Kickstarter launches Tuesday!).

And check out Game Trade Media at Booth 203 or watch on their Facebook page. They will be broadcasting all weekend from our Streamer Game Table!

Kickstarter backers at any of the Cabinet reward levels should stop by our booth (349) at PAX Unplugged for a free gift!

Check the map below for our locations…

PAX UP Expo Hall

Cabinet Game Table on Kickstarter NOW!

It’s time to test the gamer market for solidly built, beautiful furniture to hold and display prized game collections—with the added bonus of a stowaway game table!—in our latest design, the Cabinet Game Table! Head to Kickstarter now if you’re ready to pledge! Read below if you just want to know how to help us out with the Kickstarter campaign.

But definitely check out our sweet Kickstarter video from Cheyenne Wright:


Cabinet Game Table Kickstarter In a Glance

  • There are 10 Early Bird reward levels at $2999 where you can choose your finish and fabric combination on the Cabinet Game Table.
  • Also $2999: Cherry finish and Dark Blue fabric (our most popular combination on tables).
  • There’s also a $3099 pledge level to choose your finish and fabric (once the Early Birds are taken, this is your best option for a choice).
  • Retail price after the Kickstarter will be $3199 (but only if we meet our funding goal in the Kickstarter). As usual for orders placed on our site, we wait to invoice shipping once your order is complete (target May 2018 for the Cabinets).
  • If we meet our Kickstarter goal, payments begin processing on Cyber Monday, November 27th.

How Else Can I Help?

We have other reward levels ($2 Stay Connected and $25 Coasters).

If you pledge at the Stay Connected or above, you’re eligible for a reward when we unlock our first Social Media Stretch Goal! We don’t even need to reach our funding goal for this reward–just 500 shares combined between our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube gets everyone a complimentary PDF copy of Dinner and Dice: A Gaming Cookbook through!



Click on the images below for the posts to share. And please help us spread the word to every gamer you know! Thanks as always for your support. It means a lot to us.