As Is Tables For Sale

When dealing with the volume of tables we make and deliver, every now and then something goes a little sideways. A table is damaged in delivery, or a table doesn’t clear final inspection at the factory (but it’s still in pretty decent shape). These are our “discount” tables!

Tables are sold “As Is” with known imperfections listed and firm prices. Prices do not include delivery. For questions email [email protected].

$1699 Banquet in Sagamore Hill and Purple with Cup Holders at Dining Height (no top)

Chips on the corner of the play area, from the table top not fitting right.
The chips themselves are actually rather small.

Since this table doesn’t come with a top, here’s a link to our replacement Dining Tops page!

$1299 Kitchen in Cherry and Dark Blue at Coffee Height (top included)

This table has little to no problems (a few scratches due to our matte finish) and includes the table top. This table is at our Hickory showroom and is ready to be picked up as soon as possible!

$1199 Kitchen in French Couture and Green at Bar Height (top included)

This table has a few issues, mainly involving the lacquer on the actual table base. The lacquer cracked around the table’s corners, but this is above the finish on the table base and not within the wood itself. There are small scuff marks in both table top and table. This table is also at our Hickory showroom and is ready to be picked up as soon as possible.

$1899 5×5 in Sagamore Hill and Emerald Green at Dining Height (Tops Included)

This table was one our first high gloss finish tables. The tops and table has quite a few small scratches due to the glossy finish. There are no deep scratches or cracks. Other than that, this table has very little issues.

$750 Coffee in Elm and Purple (top included)

This table has seen some wear and tear due to convention use. There are seasonal splits in the corners. They’re like hairline fractures. The legs of the table are generally well-kept as well, with normal nicks on some of the edges. This is a nice, sturdy table that’s traveled plenty!

This page may be updated with any tables that are damaged but are still sturdy and quality-made. Prices are firm and do not include shipping.

If you’re interested in the tables listed above, email us at [email protected].