Hi! Thanks for checking out Carolina Game Tables. If you are thinking about buying a game table to serve for both everyday dining and your weekly Game Night, you found the right company!


Download a one page “Spec Sheet” by clicking here: all our designs, dimensions, and options!

A Strong History

Clint has three generations of furniture business in his blood, and all three generations are from our neck of the woods in the foothills of Western North Carolina. His grandfather A. J. “Rabbit” Hardin gained upholstery experience during the furniture explosion in the post-World War II period, and decided to open a business with a friend in the 1940s, Suggs and Hardin. Clint’s father, Willard Black, began working for the family business and then opened his own company in the 1980s, Old Hickory Tannery, which is still going strong today with Clint serving as Vice President for the past 10 years. Suggs and Hardin was sold ages ago, but you can see Old Hickory Tannery’s designer lines at www.ohtinc.com.

Carolina Game Tables continues the family tradition, run by myself (Jodi Black) and my husband, Clint Black. You may also meet our daughters at a convention sometime. Those building and shipping our beautiful furniture are contracted to do so, which keeps our costs low and the prices of our tables low as well. These are not made in someone’s garage or during weekend hours—we “share time” a professional furniture manufacture facility with the latest tools through our special agreement.

The Game Connection

Tables are not all we do: we’re mostly known for our work in the game industry. I’ve worked as a freelance editor for more than 10 years and currently serve solely with Pinnacle Entertainment Group as COO and Managing Editor. Clint is Savage Worlds Brand Manager and the Rules Guru for all of the amazing products we create at Pinnacle. Savage Worlds is an award-winning tabletop roleplaying game (we hope you’ve heard of it!) created by our good friend Shane Lacy Hensley. Check out PEG at www.peginc.com.

Kickstarter is awesome. I say this because 71 backers pledged $28,345 (almost 200% of our goal) in September 2015 to help start Carolina Game Tables with us. The folks at Kickstarter.com tell us we made history with this campaign, but I bet like most such things, the record for most raised per backer ($400) will be beaten soon enough. Check out our Kickstarter project.

Curious about Kickstarter strategy, game design, RPG publishing, or family businesses? We’re happy to come to just about any convention who can reimburse travel and hotel fees. Bonus for the con guest budget: we share a hotel room. Because we’re a family. 🙂

Contact Jodi Black at gametablejodi@gmail.com.