Tax Free Tables in April!

It’s tax return season! Up your game and order the Carolina Game Table you’ve wanted. Just order your customized game table or any of our seating options (like Storage Benches or Chairs) through May 1st to save up to hundreds off your order. We pay your sales tax!

Minimum Deposit Amounts

The payments below reflect our Six Month Payment Plan option available on our site.

Another option is PayPal Credit, which is a one-click checkout button on each product page. We encourage customers to try PayPal Credit and see what terms are offered. Some customers receive 0% financing over 12 months!

Check out our pricing options for your budget, and don’t forget to plan for shipping after your table is complete. Our estimate for production is currently six months due to the COVID-19 crisis. Read more about that here.

Tax Free Table Options

Coffee Game Table at coffee height. Minimum payment using Six Month Payment Plan option: $219.78. Choose from four finish and eight fabric options. Also available at dining height. Includes a one piece dining top.

Kitchen Game Table at dining height. Minimum payment using Six Month Payment Plan option: $307.78. Choose from four finish and eight fabric options. Also available at coffee, counter, or bar height. Includes a one piece dining top.

5×5 Game Table at dining height. Minimum payment using Six Month Payment Plan option: $395.78. Choose from four finish and eight fabric options. Also available with cup holders (choose four or eight) and at coffee, counter, or bar height. Includes a two piece dining top.

Dining Game Table at dining height. Minimum payment using Six Month Payment Plan option: $395.78. Choose from four finish and eight fabric options. Also available with six cup holders and at counter or bar height. Includes a two piece dining top.

Banquet Game Table at dining height. Minimum payment using Six Month Payment Plan option: $483.78. Choose from four finish and eight fabric options. Also available with eight cup holders and at counter or bar height. Includes a two piece dining top.

Streamer Game Table at dining height. Minimum payment using Six Month Payment Plan option: $505.78. Choose from four finish and eight fabric options. Also available with six cup holders and at counter or bar height. Includes a two piece dining top.

Tablezilla Game Table at dining height. Minimum payment using Six Month Payment Plan option: $527.78. Choose from four finish and eight fabric options. Also available with eight cup holders and at counter or bar height. Includes a two piece dining top.

Tax Free -Matching- Storage Benches and Chairs!

We also make Storage Benches and Chairs with the same high quality construction and finished to match your Carolina Game Table. We do not offer payment plans on seating options, but PayPal Credit is available.

Storage Benches

$699 Single Storage Bench. Choose from four finish colors.

$999 Double Storage Bench. Choose from four finish colors.

Our Storage Benches link together, end to end, in any combination of Single or Double. Discounts automatically applied for orders of two or more.

Chairs and Benches

We’ve offered these sturdy and classically styled chairs and benches since our first Kickstarter in 2015.

Single Bench $349. Set of Two Benches $600. Choose from four finish colors.

Single Chair $549. Set of Two Chairs $900. Choose from four finish colors.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] We know not everyone is in a position to take advantage of this promotion, but we appreciate your help in spreading the news. Small businesses need your help at this time. Thank you!

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#COVID-19 Updates

We use this page to post updated information about changes in our business practices due to the #COVID-19 pandemic.

Update 10-1-2020: Our staff wear masks at all times, including for showroom appointments and delivery pickups, and it’s now mandatory for customers to wear them as well. This is in compliance with the Governor’s orders.

North Carolina is currently in Stage 3 until October 23rd (here’s a link to the Governor’s order detailing what that means). Our Hickory, NC showroom continues to operate by appointment only. Average production time on new orders is estimated to be six months (from the date you place the order until the date we contact you to pay for shipping). If this changes we will announce it here. Thank you for understanding the difficult situation, and for your patience.

You can read more in the following links:

  • Assembly of a Carolina Game Table,
  • Cleaning a Carolina Game Table according to CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of disease and protect your investment,
  • our Shipping Calculator (read below for special shipping considerations at this time,
  • and a page about our Construction, including a Spec Sheet you can download with all table dimensions and options.

Production Concerns

Production continues in our manufacturing centers (both the factory and the office). Neither facility has any positive COVID-19 illness at this time. Cleaning according to CDC guidelines, masks, and increased distance between workstations are just two of the measures taken to prevent the spread of disease.

We try to be as transparent about this as we can. We never had to shut down. During the lockdown, the factory was issued an “essential” letter due to their production for another company (remember, we share this facility with other small companies like ourselves). We cannot share any details about the production process because it affects other companies.

Our biggest challenges at this point are labor and supplies. Childcare is the biggest hurdle allowing staff to work. The supply chain for everything from cup holders to delivery options has been interrupted.

Customers may ask for an update on their order at ANY TIME by emailing [email protected]. Otherwise, we find a “hands off” approach works best for most customers. Emailing customers too often results in our emails flagged as spam, customer complaints, and crucial emails go unread. Thanks for understanding.

Delivery Options At This Time

10-1-2020 Update: White Glove Delivery has resumed to most areas of the United States. Delivery personnel wear masks and spend as little time as possible in homes if delivery is allowed. In some cases, our White Glove Delivery service uses a third party service in your area to handle final delivery, and the quality of those parties may vary. If you encounter a problem during delivery, you must note it in writing before the delivery team leaves.

If White Glove Delivery is not available, Threshold Delivery is the next best option. You can also choose to wait until White Glove is available, with no fees for storage.

Since March 15th, all White Glove Delivery customers were offered “Threshold Delivery” for the date of their original delivery. The delivery company generously waived all storage fees for orders awaiting a return to full White Glove Delivery service. Each order is stored in the carton it arrived in from our factory.

Threshold Delivery

There is no reduction in price for Threshold Delivery. If you agree to Threshold Delivery, here’s what you need to know:

  • They call you to arrange a day and time for delivery.
  • They place the box in your home in the first room they can enter, or a garage. Check our Assembly page for dimensions of the cartoned table to see where the box can be safely placed—and try to make room for you to work around the box, too!
  • They photograph the closed box and its placement in your home as verification of delivery, so you are not signing for it. The intent is to minimize their exposure to your home (and vice versa).
  • We recommend YOU photograph each stage as you unbox the table so YOU have documentation of the table at arrival. This means showing the table top still in the box, the table base still in the box, and later the table legs out of their box. Please note they are NOT assembling your order at any point like they do for full White Glove Delivery, so any problems require this documentation.
  • You will need to assemble the table and arrange for trash and recycling of cardboard. We recommend four able people to assemble any dining height or taller table.

We have detailed instructions on our Assembly page. If you have any questions before delivery please email [email protected]

If you have any questions during assembly, text a photo to Jodi’s cell phone at 828-409-0959.

White Glove Delivery

Please note we cannot offer any timeline for this. If White Glove is available in your area trips are being scheduled. If not, then they warehouse your table until it is.

Here’s what we know will happen for customers choosing White Glove Delivery:

  1. Once your order is complete, we’ll email you to ask which delivery option you want. After you reply “White Glove” and that you understand the current situation, we’ll invoice you via PayPal.
  2. Once your invoice is paid we contact the shipper to pick up your order from the factory.
  3. They’ll call you to schedule a delivery day and time once it is safe for delivery to your area. It may take up to two weeks for them to enter the order in their system prior to calling. You can email [email protected] for an update during this time.
  4. They’ll open the carton and assemble the order to check it. If it’s not perfect, they work with our factory to fix it. You will be notified if there’s any delay here. Pieces are padded and packaged for delivery.
  5. They’ll arrive on the day and time agreed upon, set up the table and any chairs, benches, or storage benches, and remove all trash. You’ll be asked to sign that the installation went smoothly (if it did not, please note that in writing and let us know). You can text Jodi Black at 828-409-0959 if you have any concerns at delivery (don’t call–it’ll go to voicemail).
  6. Play games!

Curbside, LTL, or Pickup from Hickory Showroom

Curbside, LTL, and Pickup options are still available without interruption at this time. We will update the White Glove Delivery page if changes occur.

Curbside Delivery

Curbside Delivery is significantly faster than White Glove Delivery. We crate all Curbside Delivery orders due to the potential for damage because of how fast it is shipped. We recommend White Glove Delivery (or Threshold) for the safest shipping option.

Email [email protected] for a more precise quote.

Refer to the Assembly page for instructions. You will need to uncrate your carton first, so have a crowbar handy!

LTL Delivery

LTL (Less Than truck Load) Delivery is only to a loading dock. If you have access to one and can then move it into your home, email [email protected] for an LTL quote.

Pickup From Hickory, NC

As long as we are healthy, we will make arrangements to meet you for local pickup from our showroom in Hickory, NC. Some customers have made their own arrangements for pickup and delivery, like through We do not charge for the service of meeting you to pick up your order.

Please arrive with two people to help us move the carton.

Also, make sure any driver picking up for you knows the dimensions of the carton. It must fit *through* the opening of the vehicle. Plenty of people only measure the interior space and not the door’s opening! You can find these dimensions on our Assembly page.

Our location is 940 Tate Blvd. SE, Suite 108, Hickory, NC 28602.

Thank You

We feel so blessed to have wonderful, understanding customers especially in light of the current situation. Thank you for understanding!

Important Cleaning Information (#COVID-19)

We’ll make this short and sweet: cleaning of your Carolina Game Table if you already have one, so you can rest assured you’re using the best products to protect your investment and your family.

We’ve added a new page to the website with these cleaning instructions so they are easy to find, under the Construction tab.

Cleaning Your Carolina Game Table

We conferred with the factory, our fabric supplier, and referred to household cleaning for coronavirus-19 guidelines by the CDC to compile these suggestions.

  1. CLEAN the fabric in the play area of your Carolina Game Table with a lint roller to pick up dust and particulates. If necessary for big messes, a vacuum cleaner may be used with an upholstery attachment—be sure not to apply full suction to the fabric such that it “bubbles” up.
    Remove food stains by picking up solid debris. Always blot liquids, never rub (rubbing pushes the stain into the fabric). Clean with a household cleaner you’ve already tested on the underside of the dining top–if it doesn’t leave a ring or bleach mark it’s safe to use. We find most stains are removed using dishwashing soap suds. Rinse with distilled water. It may take a few rounds of suds and water to completely remove the stain.
  2. DISINFECT the fabric in the play area by lightly spraying Lysol Disinfectant Spray. A fine mist is all that is required to disinfect the area.
  3. CLEAN your table’s hard surfaces (edges and table top) with soap and water. A washcloth soaped up with hot water in the sink, wrung out, and then carried to the table is sufficient and reusable. A second clean washcloth should be used to dry the table. Paper towels can also be used. Do not touch the fabric of your game table if any bleach is in the soap.
  4. DISINFECT your table’s hard surfaces with a Lysol or Clorox disposable wipe. Neither of these products actually has any bleach in it, according to the ingredients on the container, but they are still approved by the CDC for disinfecting for COVID-19.
  5. We don’t recommend a diluted bleach solution for disinfection …but we know sometimes it’s the only thing you’ve got around. CDC recommends a solution of 5 tablespoons (1/3rd cup) bleach per gallon of water. Be especially careful of the seam on a dining top and around play edges so the bleach solution does not get on your fabric.

Stay safe, friends. These are scary times for us all. Please know we are praying for you, even as we gather our children close and hunker down for the interim. We’ve also heard of changes to our White Glove Delivery service (we’ll share more once we’ve sorted that out).

While completely for the best, being unable to attend conventions during this time severely limits our ability to get our tables in front of new eyes.

If you want to help us, please share our website and social media posts!