FUNDED 5×5 Game Table Kickstarter Ends Monday! Oct. Open House Plans & Showroom Tables for Sale

UPDATE: Showroom Open House is Sat, Oct. 12th 10am–6pm! Visit our showroom and game with us, then check out downtown Hickory’s Oktoberfest only 1.5 miles away!


The 5×5 Game Table Kickstarter is FUNDED and ends Monday, Sept. 23rd at 10pm Eastern. Please check it out before it’s too late, especially if you are interested in the 5×5 Game Table (it’s a great deal), or our Dinner & Dice, a Gaming Cookbook (Volume 1).

As a stretch goal all backers at $10 Following or above also receive the recipes from Dinner & Dice, a Gaming Cookbook, Volume 2!

Kickstarter link:×5/the-5×5-game-table?ref=5mpuqo

While initially designed as a game play surface, customers tell us our game tables are also perfect for:
Assembling mosaics 
 Homework and organizing long term student projects
Lace making

Showroom Open House: Oct 12

We also announce today our autumn Showroom Open House date: Saturday, October 12th from 10am to 6pm. If you’ve ever been curious about seeing our designs in person (and a trip to Hickory, NC is possible for you), we hope you’ll join us! We’ll have the following tables set up for gaming, and most are for sale and available to take home that day.

SOLD! FOR SALE: $899 ($899 retail) “AS IS” Coffee Game Table at coffee height. Cherry and Purple. Includes legs for dining height, too!

$1099 Kitchen Game Table at coffee height

FOR SALE: $1099 (retail $1299) “AS IS” Kitchen Game Table at counter height. French Couture and Tan. Includes 3 folding counter height chairs.

FOR SALE: $1299 (retail $1399) “AS IS” Kitchen Game Table at bar height. French Couture and Burgundy.

FOR SALE: $2199 (retail $2199) “AS IS” Banquet Game Table at dining height with cup holders. Cherry and Blue. Barely scratched!

SOLD! FOR SALE: $1699 (retail $2399) “AS IS” Tablezilla Game Table at dining height with cup holders. Cherry and Burgundy. Needs refinishing around play area. Includes spotless dining top pieces.

$2199 Tablezilla Game Table at dining height. Sagamore Hill and Burgundy.

We also have a Streamer Game Table ($2149, dining height with cup holders) in Cherry and Gray, a Banquet Game Table ($2199, dining height with cup holders, Sagamore Hill and Gray), and another Banquet Game Table (Sale price TBD, retail $2199, dining height with cup holders, Cherry and Purple) we haven’t been able to unwrap yet, because our warehouse is full! It reportedly has a chipped play area. If you are interested in any of these last three tables, please let us know and we’ll try to make space to set it up.

“AS IS” terms: These tables are used and may have slight damage, usually in the form of scratches, scuff marks, or small spots. All are stable pieces with a lot of gaming and dining use left in them! All include dining tops.

More photos are available in this Dropbox link. Open the folders for each piece.

We prefer to sell these directly from our Hickory showroom, but we can arrange White Glove pickup and Delivery. Email us at [email protected] for a White Glove Delivery quote on a showroom table.

5×5 Game Table Kickstarter: A Great Deal!

Reward Levels

If you’re in the market for a Carolina Game Table for 8 people, the 5×5 Kickstarter is a fantastic deal! The table reward level is $1699, a savings from the website price later. If you’re looking for a dining gaming table and a Coffee Game Table, you can save even more by backing the 5×5 Game Table Kickstarter for $2449!

We know not all of our supporters are in the market for a game table so we also have other reward levels. We hope to create Dinner & Dice, a Gaming Cookbook Volume 2 (check out Volume 1 on DriveThruRPG here!) as a stretch goal for this Kickstarter, so at goal ALL backers $10 or higher get a digital copy of Volume 1. At $15 backers receive a softcover copy of Dinner & Dice Volume 1. At $25 backers receive a set of our Leather Coasters in a tin. Shipping is not included for the book or coasters, but we can ship worldwide. After goal we begin working on the stretch goal of Dinner & Dice, Volume 2!

Games on the 5×5 Game Table… all over our Kickstarter!

Every day of the Kickstarter we share images of the 5×5 Game Table prepared for play with some of your favorite board games, card games, and tabletop roleplaying games. Please share these on your social media feeds so we get the word out about the project. And hey, look how versatile this table is!! For more photos, check out the Kickstarter!

Apples to Apples published by Mattel. Back the 5×5 Game Table Kickstarter here!
Rifts® for Savage Worlds published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Rifts® created by Kevin Siembieda and Palladium Books, Inc. Used with permission. Back the 5×5 Game Table Kickstarter here!
Mysterium published by Libellud. Used with permission. Back the 5×5 Game Table Kickstarter here!

Dinner & Dice, a Gaming Cookbook… Volume 2?!

Our first collection of recipes and gaming anecdotes from members of the game industry has been such a hit, we can’t wait to do a Volume 2. Here’s who we have lined up to contribute so far. But remember, this is a stretch goal. We need your help to reach our goal so we can begin working on Dinner & Dice, Volume 2! Please share the Kickstarter link everywhere you meet cool people on the Internet.

BJ Hensley, Playground Adventures

Shared from Playground Adventures: BJ Hensley is the the founder of Playground Adventures and the Vice President of Lone Wolf Development, the makers of Hero Lab. She wholeheartedly believes that RPGs are capable of being an interactive classroom for problem solving, arithmetic, reading, writing, social skills lessons, and more. Her most recent projects include work for Gallant Knight Games, Green Ronin, Kobold Press, Metal Weave Games, Paizo, Rite Publishing, Room to Read, and Wizards of the Coast.

Kevin Siembieda, Palladium Books

Shared from Palladium Books: Kevin Siembieda wears many hats. In addition to being the founder, owner, president and publisher of Palladium Books, he is Palladium’s chief game designer, lead writer, art director, creative mentor and visionary.  Rifts® (1990) is Palladium’s most famous game world, with 95+ Rifts® supplemental books and more on the way.  He has always been driven by an overactive imagination and a need to create worlds and tell stories. Storytelling and publishing are in his blood. He also delights in giving talented young artists and writers a forum to hone their abilities and the chance to be published. 

Eloy Lasanta, Third Eye Games

Shared from Eloy Lasanta is a game designer, writer, publisher, and owner of Third Eye Games. With his innovative systems, DGS (Dynamic Gaming System) and Pip System, he has produced: Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., AMP: Year One, Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade, Part-Time Gods, Mermaid Adventures, Infestation: An RPG of Bugs and Heroes, Sins of the Father, and Storm Battalion.

Kurt Wiegel, Game Geeks

Shared from GameGeeksRPG YouTube: Since 2006, Game Master and Dr. Kurt Wiegel hosts a YouTube show named “Game Geeks” where he reviews and educates viewers on roleplaying games. There are more than 300 episodes available. Kurt has served as an ENnies Judge multiple times.

Who’s Next?

We have the most contacts with the tabletop roleplaying game industry, so these are just the people we’ve run into recently. 🙂 We know plenty of Twitch Streamers, creators of board games and card games, and others from the tabletop community you might have heard of…but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. We still need to hit our funding goal on Kickstarter before we can work on stretch goals—which is where you come in!

Please share the Kickstarter link! We only need 3 more table backers. Thank you for your support!×5/the-5×5-game-table?ref=7ilh5i