Gold Cup Holder Promotion Continues; Cabinet Kickstarter on Hold

The Gold Cup Holder promotion continues until supplies run out!

There is no upcharge for the gold-colored aluminum cup holders. Simply note at checkout whether you want gold or black cup holders.

This promotion is only available for the Dining, Streamer, and Tablezilla Game Table designs (we can’t put cup holders on the Kitchen or Coffee Game Table designs—the edge is too narrow).

Gold Cup Holders! Dining Game Table shown in Sagamore Hill and Burgundy. Photo by Andrew.

Gold Cup Holders! Dining Game Table shown in Sagamore Hill and Burgundy. Photo by Andrew.


Cabinet Game Table Kickstarter Delay

We traveled with the Cabinet Game Table to Gen Con and Dragon Con in August and September and saw a LOT of interest in it! People told us it was beautifully made and a high quality piece. But we think it can be even better.

We received great feedback and our design genius’s gears whirled with possibilities. Long story short, we’re taking the time to make the Cabinet Game Table as cool as possible. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

While we don’t want to give too much away until we have something we can show off, we will say this. We’re planning for the Cabinet Game Table to have a fabric-lined play area option in addition to the normal table top!

We hope to move quickly through the design process and not delay more than a couple of weeks if possible. We’ll post the latest news here on our website. If you have not already subscribed to our e-newsletter, you may want to, so the news comes straight to your email inbox. The newsletter is the fastest way to know when we launch the Kickstarter, too!

Thank you to the hundreds of people who discussed the Cabinet design with us at Gen Con and Dragon Con. It’s always useful to brainstorm possibilities, and WOW, we can’t wait to show you the new design!