Holiday Sales at Carolina Game Tables!

Black Friday has come and gone, and Cyber Monday is behind us. No more holiday sales, right? Wrong!

Free Set of Coasters Shipped NOW With Each Table Order in Decemberholiday2016

We know budgeting during the holiday season can be a tricky thing. How much do you spend on your nephew, or daughter, or mother? If you have gamers to shop for, how do you know what they want–or what game they don’t have yet?

Perhaps you introduced a family member or friend to a new game over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, only to end the game early so the table could be set for supper. Or you sat down to your Thanksgiving feast and wish you’d replaced that wobbly dining room table and chairs in time for Christmas.

Imagine your family’s surprise when they unwrap a SMALL present—a set of our leather coasters—and see their BIG smiles when they read a Carolina Game Table is headed their way in 2017!

Instead of holiday dreams of sugar plum fairies and nutcrackers your children may have board games, card games, and RPGs swirling through their little heads. They’ll make lists of the friends they want to invite over to play the games. Your partner may dream of a shiny new mahogany table with matching chairs, and being able to add “just one more” with a small bench seat (and it matches).

That holiday scene, those holiday dreams. That’s why we’re offering a free set of our full grain leather coasters made from eco friendly 100% post-industrial waste with each table order during the month of December. And we’ll ship them to you for free, too. Orders placed before Dec. 21st will have their coasters in time for Christmas!

Use the coupon “Holiday2016” at checkout to claim the offer.

And since we know you’re thinking about your budget, remember we offer payment plans. Pay half now, half in 14 weeks. Or sign up for the 6 month installment plan. Read about both options here.

kitchen_elm_burgundyBlack Friday Sale!

We have two tables available for those who really want a table for THIS holiday season! There are no delivery options on these pieces; you or a friend must pick up the table from Hickory, NC.

$999 $1199 Kitchen Game Table in Elm finish with Burgundy fabric

$599 $799 “Topless” Coffee Game Table in Cherry finish with Dark Brown fabric

These are convention show pieces we’re offering at a discount because we have more coming! Read more about them here.

Update on #Fun4Liz Charity Raffle funforliz-fundraiser

The holiday season is for giving, and the charity raffle we kicked off with a Coffee Game Table is going great! Over $2900 has been raised to benefit the Chambers family whose daughter Liz is being treated for aggressive blood cancer. That’s a big help to these friends of ours, and we get warm fuzzy feelings just thinking about it.

The raffle ends on Dec. 9th, so please help us spread the word. You can purchase one ticket for $20 or three for $50, and there are more prizes being added daily! Check out the link daily to see what’s been added:

We can’t wait to find out who wins the Coffee Game Table so we can box and ship it. That winner will have a game table in time for Christmas!


#Fun4Liz Charity Raffle and our Black Friday Sales!

Cup Holders on the Dining Game Table and Tablezilla!

Cup holders were the #1 most requested feature, but we had no idea just how interested people were! We had some website trouble with the new feature rollout, but it all seems fixed now.

Dining Game Table with Cup Holders!

Dining Game Table with Cup Holders!

Payment options are back (half down deposit, or pay over 6 months), and we created a new category so you can mix and match seating for your table. Want 8 Chairs and 4 Side Tables/Benches for your Tablezilla? Simply order 4 sets of 2 Chairs (save $200 on each set!) and 2 sets of 2 Side Tables/Benches (save $100 on each set!). The Side Tables/Benches serve as extra seating for the holidays and a place to put rule books, tablets, or other gaming gear close by.

#Fun4Liz Charity Raffle

Clint and I were thinking recently about how lucky we’ve been this year with Carolina Game Tables. The response–from the Kickstarter in August 2015 through our first year of sales to the new cup holder announcement–has been overwhelmingly positive. But while our family has rejoiced, our friends in the Chambers family have suffered.


About this time last year, Jamie Chambers and his family were gearing up to welcome a new member to their household, baby Jensen. In March his 18 year old daughter Liz was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and the lives of all in their family changed forever. Jamie stresses that they have insurance and are not destitute, but it’s been rough. He’s lost valuable working time as her bone marrow donor and patient advocate–things any parent would do.

How can we help? How can you help? Well, it’s simple, really: we have a Coffee Game Table in Cherry finish and Forest Green fabric left over from our convention season in excellent shape.

We’ve donated the Coffee Game Table AND shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 United States in this online raffle benefiting the Chambers family: Tickets are $20 each or three for $50! 

Best of all, the #Fun4Liz Coffee Game Table prize will arrive to your home in time for Christmas!

Click here to win this Coffee Game Table!

Click here to win this Coffee Game Table!

We encourage you to share our raffle to benefit the Chambers family with this shortlink:

Many of our friends in the game industry have stepped up to throw in additional prizes, with more announced every day. Check out the raffle page for the latest prizes! And no purchase is actually necessary—check the link for details about getting your name in the pot for free.

Thank you to all who have already supported the raffle. We set a goal to raise $2000 and we’re more than halfway there!  Thank you for giving. Let’s have some #Fun4Liz!

Black Friday Sales

We have two tables left over from our convention season for sale at a big discount! Please note there is no delivery option–you must come pick it up from Hickory, NC.

Kitchen Game Table in Elm finish and Burgundy fabric (with top) $1199 $999 (save $200!)

There are a couple dings on edges around the game play area (from hundreds of lanyards catching on it at PAX East, Origins, Gen Con, DragonCon, and MACE) and one bolt has been replaced in a table leg.


Coffee Game Table in Cherry finish and Dark Brown fabric (no top available) $799 $599 (save $300!)

This was our prototype Coffee Game Table and arrived without a top (What do you mean “There’s no top on the schematic! Oh. Let’s fix that.” We do tops for all tables. Sort of our thing.).

We can order a replacement top if you like, but we think you may just want to go to the hardware store and have a piece of Plexiglas cut to fit for less than $50.

$799 "Topless" Coffee Table in Cherry with Dark Brown Fabric.

“Topless” Coffee Table in Cherry with Dark Brown Fabric.


There are only these two tables (one for each shown) and the first person to purchase them gets them!

If you have any questions about these tables, email [email protected]


Cup Holders!

Cup holders have definitely been the single most requested option for our tables, and we’re happy we can now announce cup holder options on our most popular tables*!


Dining Game Table: Add Six Cup Holders for $150!

Cup Holders Inset Into the Edge

This new design adds cup holders inset into the playing edge of the Dining Game Table, the Streamer, and Tablezilla. Each cup holder has a black aluminum insert for easy removal and cleaning (we suggest hand washing and drying). Each is three inches deep with a three and a quarter inch interior diameter. That means they can easily hold up to 24 ounce cans and bottles (and a few larger ones depending on their design).

We have 3-D renders of what the new tables will look like. The cup holders are spaced to provide the most play area between them while not being placed in the middle of the GM or host’s area (at the ends of the tables).

Same Sleek Design With the Table Top On!

One thing we wanted was for the tables with the cup holders to look exactly the same with the top on as those without cup holders. The top completely covers the cup holders, so with it on, your dining table still looks like your dining table. You don’t have to worry about external slide-outs making the table look odd or keeping track of separate attachable parts which may break down over time.

Tablezilla Game Table: Add 8 Cup Holders for $200!

Tablezilla Game Table: Add 8 Cup Holders for $200!

$150–$200 to Add Cup Holders to Your Order!

We also wanted to stick with our goals of simple quality at an affordable price. You can add six cup holders to the Dining Game Table or Streamer for just $150 or eight cup holders to Tablezilla for $200. That’s just $25 per cup holder!

Now, like our other designs, we have to be able to factory produce them, so there isn’t an option to add them individually. Plus, we think it’s a lot more fun to tell your friends, “You get a cup holder! And you get a cup holder! And you get a cup holder!” and so on. We also can’t offer different colors on the cup holders. There are some different reasons, but primarily, we had to go with a color the supplier could stock in enough quantity for our use which would also work with all of our table finishes. Within those criteria, black was the only way to go.

Streamer Game Table: Add Six Cup Holders for $150!

Streamer Game Table: Add Six Cup Holders for $150!

Still 16 Weeks’ Production Time!

Adding cup holders to a table has no impact of production time; it’s the same 16 week average production time as any other table.

New Website Design

As an added bonus, we redesigned the website so you can find every option for each game table on one page–cupholders (if the design allows for it*), chairs, side tables/benches, and even our popular leather coasters!

Please Share

We’re super excited to make this announcement, but we need your help to get the word out about it. Please share this on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, forums, or anywhere else you hang out with like-minded gamers! If you are with a blog or news agency and want more information, contact [email protected] for an interview. Thank you!

*The Coffee Game Table and Kitchen Game Table edges are too narrow to allow for adding cup holders without compromising their construction.